Design. Craftsmanship. Sustainability.

Located in the renowned River Arts District of Asheville, North Carolina, Brian Boggs Chairmakers was founded by Brian Boggs and his wife Melanie to produce custom luxury furniture solutions. Housed within a 10,000 sq. ft. facility our team combines traditional woodworking with modern production for furnishings built in a variety of styles from Appalachian post and rung chairs to contemporary tables. Expanding beyond chairmaking, Brian’s original designs have grown to encompass outdoor furniture and hospitality installations; all made to order and shipped nationwide.

Our core values of design, craftsmanship, and sustainability serve as the focus of our efforts to become an industry leader among American furniture designers and manufacturers. Wherever possible we use premium domestic hardwoods sustainably harvested in Western North Carolina and surrounding areas, choosing each specimen by the slab rather than ordering commercial lumber. For projects and applications outside of the scope of domestic hardwoods we import exotic species under exacting standards, most notably our Honduran mahogany which is supplied through a partnership with the nonprofit organization Greenwood.

The promise behind every Brian Boggs Chairmakers design is the creation of furnishings that will last generations through careful engineering and time-honored craftsmanship. Our tables and chairs are crafted and assembled by hand with minimal hardware and the utmost attention to detail; dedicating days to each individual piece while most manufacturers would dedicate hours.

From the time I was about 8 years old I knew I was going to be an artist. I always thought that it would be in the realm of landscape painting and drawing. Then in my early 20’s I discovered James Krenov’s books on “The Fine Art of Cabinet Making.” I had never considered that art could take the form of the things we use everyday. I could hardly put the book down and found myself reading everything he wrote, one book after the other.

As I was pondering how to begin as a woodworker I discovered a book by John Alexander titled “Make a Chair From a Tree,” a simple approach to the early ways of greenwood chair-making. That was it. I saw in John’s chairs everything I liked about Krenov’s approach, sensitivity to the material, a mastery of the tools, and unlimited possibilities for creative artistry.

I set up my first shop with $50 worth of old hand tools and made my first chair in the winter of 1983. When my neighbor saw it, he ordered a set of them for his gallery. I have been filling orders ever since. Chair making has provided me with my livelihood, and has excited a stream of creative energy that has filled me with seemingly endless ideas for new chair and tools designs, as well as methods for making them all.

My chair work has led me to some wonderful opportunities. I have enjoyed teaching chair-making to indigenous tribes in Honduras and Peru as well as craftsmen young and old in Canada, England and the US. I have designed spokeshaves for companies in the US and Canada, and engineered and built much of my own specialty equipment. I enjoy all of it!

I don’t think I will ever tire of making beautiful furniture. Even so, after many years of creative success, one of the things I enjoy most is teaching other craftsmen the skills and providing the opportunity to use those skills in a professional environment. So it is a great pleasure to work with Melanie to build Brian Boggs Chairmakers.

Brian was born in Charlotte, North Carolina but spent the majority of his life in Berea, Kentucky. He started making chairs as a profession in his early 20s; he had various sized shops in the Berea area over the years. He moved to Asheville in 2008 and started Brian Boggs Chairmakers with his wife, Melanie.

Brian has designed & built chairs for some of the most highly regarded furniture experts in the world. Some of the most notable include the late great Sam Maloof, who won the MacArthur Genius Grant for his work in woodworking and furniture design, and Frank Pollaro, CEO of Pollaro Custom Furniture and celebrity designer.

His chairs have been featured in several magazines, books, galleries, and museum collections.

He is also a machine designer and tool maker. Lie-Nielsen owns the rights to Boggs shave horse and spokeshave designs, which are praised by professionals and amateurs alike. There are many happy owners of Boggs Spokeshaves, including former U.S. President Jimmy Carter.

He is a frequent author and speaker. He authored and/or appeared in several nationally circulated publications, and appeared on “The Woodwrights Shop” and the Disney documentary “America’s Heart and Soul.”

Brian has taught woodworking all over the world, from Europe to Latin America.

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2017: The Sculpted Fanback Arm Chair wins a 2017 GOOD DESIGN™ Award
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2017: FedEx Small Business Grant Bronze Winner
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