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Bespoke Wooden Furniture by Master Crafstman Brian Boggs

Handmade in the USA since 1982.

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We are makers. We are artists. We are engineers.

What we make parallels the ink on the page of a poem. It is the spirit of what we do that imbues our work with enduring worth. This inspiration guides our thinking through the design process, the selection of material, and every step in the making of our custom wooden furniture.

There are five collections of furniture that feature a handsome range of various handmade rocking chairs, dining + occasional tables, desks, and outdoor furniture that are designed to help you enjoy life comfortably.  As you explore our portfolio, you’ll come across an array of designs that underline our mastery of materials and forms. The fusion of traditional techniques with modern aesthetics showcases our determination to redefine furniture making.

We invite you to come experience the comfort and beauty for yourself at our gallery and studio in Asheville, North Carolina.


Schedule a 45-minute tour

 Explore Brian Boggs Chairmakers’ workshop with an intimate 45 minute tour! Workshop tours are offered Monday-Friday at 3:00pm sharp and are $10 per person. Children under 12 are free.

The how behind the why.

“Thank you for the wonderful chairs. They look so great and their look is only exceeded by their comfort and spectacular craftsmanship.”

Frank Pollaro | Pollaro Custom Furniture

From our forest comes the inspiration to create beauty that lasts forever

Our commitment is to make the best work infused with a spirit of enduring belonging.

What truly sets our custom wooden furniture apart from the rest is our dedication to tailor-made craftsmanship. Each piece is born out of a close collaboration between the client, our craftsmen, and the wood. Whether it’s a captivating dining table, arm chairs that redefine comfort, or a piece that is uniquely yours, Brian Boggs turns your vision into a tangible masterpiece that will be passed down and enjoyed for generations to come. The personal touch that comes with each bespoke piece ensures that every creation echoes your distinct style.

We believe the greatest value of what we do is sharing the inspiration that guides our work.


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