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The Slab In The Dark Table wins a 2017 BEST OF SHOW Award, as awarded by the Western Design Conference.


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Sunniva Outdoor Furniture

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“I design furniture with an intention to preserve a tree’s integrity in honor of human comfort that will be celebrated for generations.”

Brian Boggs

Handmade Furniture by Brian Boggs

Creating a legacy of connection from forest, to furniture, to families since 1982.

Internationally acclaimed furniture designer Brian Boggs has been building fine wood furniture for over thirty-two years. He and his team handcraft heirloom-quality furniture, one piece at a time, with a focus on design, craftsmanship, and sustainability.

Brian Boggs original designs are as timeless in style as nature itself. They touch and delight the hearts of our clients in a rare experience of original craftsmanship that lasts long enough to grow the next generation of mature trees.

Ergonomic seating is Brian’s specialty, and each of his chairs is built with the human body in mind. We offer complete lines ranging from modern, sleek chairs, to traditional pieces inspired by ancient woodworking techniques, to elegant outdoor sets.

All of our handmade furniture is built to order.

Experience products imbued with the human touch and a sense of permanence, rather than the standard uniformity of today’s production line.

Meet Brian Boggs

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My husband read an article about Brian Boggs in “Garden and Gun” magazine and immediately wanted to make an appointment to meet Brian and see his amazing work. While my husband is a “wood nut,” he is not a woodworker. But he admires people who are. When we drove to Asheville to meet Brian and Melanie, we were very impressed by his work, his story and his pure passion for his “art.” And, of course, his chairs!
We absolutely love, love, love our classic ladder back chair. Recently our daughter sat to rock and feed her newborn baby in it and pronounced it “wonderful!” Truly, it will be a piece to be passed down for generations to come in our family.

Joy D.Client

We purchased six chairs from Brian in the early ’90s and they have been a pleasure to us daily. We have always found that one can sit in them comfortably for hours after dinner and the living room couches do not offer more comfortable seating. This always amazes us and we cherish them and the many memories of long hours with friends around the table on them. They have had no special care and are as robust and solid as the day we brought them home. Even at today’s increased prices we look forward to getting more chairs to match now that we feel able to do so.

Lynn JohnsonClient

We needed the perfect table and chairs for our small dining room – and we found them! Our Glass Top Lily Table feels light and open, fitting the space without crowding it. The matching Lily Chairs are unbelievably comfortable and contemporary, but with the warmth and timeless beauty of wood. This set has definitely found its place in our home, and we couldn’t be happier.

Dave C.Client

Handmade furniture — fit for royalty, made for you.

A humble piece of furniture, the chair, marked the beginning of civilization. As far back as the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, carved solid wood chairs were reserved for the powerful nobility: lords, kings and bishops. Ordinary folk were lucky to get a seat on a bench or backless stool.

Even the word “chair” reflects its origin as a throne. It comes from the Latin word cathedra, the seat in the cathedral on which the bishop sat to look down upon his flock. Through the centuries, craftsmen devised various versions of the powerful throne, each trying to outdo the other. Over time, though, ornate chairs became available even to commoners.

Factories blossomed in the early 19th century, taking over the chairmaker’s role. And the unique quality of solid wood furniture made by master craftsmen gradually disappeared. As with all things worthwhile, however, the humble chair has come full circle. Within that circle stands Brian Boggs with his handcrafted solid wood chairs—chairs fit for kings and queens.

Living History

Automation robbed consumers of the human touch found in fine wood furniture. The historical rings, fine grain, and individuality of each living tree were shredded and reformed to meet the vast production expectations of materialism and 20th century consumerism.

It wasn’t until the early 1980s that woodworkers, like Asheville-based craftsman Brian Boggs, began to realize that art, nature, and function can coexist comfortably. Consumers were ready to return to the exquisite beauty and elegant comfort they could find only in handmade wood furniture.

After decades of fabrications and weak slabs of machine-made particleboard, custom handmade furniture is once again returned to the fold. As the king or queen of your castle, you deserve the lasting strength and beauty of solid wood tables and natural wood chairs.

The Path to Handmade Furniture

Brian Boggs started his woodworking career in Berea, Kentucky, where he led woodshops and developed his abiding respect for nature—and the integral role it plays in the human experience. With his wife Melanie, Brian moved to Asheville, North Carolina, in 2008 and established Brian Boggs Chairmakers. Brian and his craftsmen maintain his woodworking philosophy:

A Brian Boggs chair is not just a chair.
It’s a tree whose second life will be cherished for generations.

Using quality wood variety of species from local maple to exotic mahogany, Brian skillfully employs processes to get the most out of every slab. And he strictly enforces the highest values as he creates every piece of solid wood furniture. There’s simply a right way to do things. For example:

  • Trees are split to obtain the ideal grain orientation.
  • The building process begins with a log.
  • Craftsmen pay close attention to the tree’s anatomy when designing custom handmade furniture.
  • The wood is dried slowly to maintain its integrity.
  • Human comfort is engineered into the final design.
  • Brian Boggs Chairmakers design each piece to order.
  • Attention to detail is tantamount.

Brian Boggs’ Outdoor Wood Patio Furniture

Trees grow and prosper outdoors. They can withstand the rigors of winter, the harsh UV rays of the sun, the pounding of the rain and the ever-changing environmental pollution. They grow despite and in tandem with the elements. Brian Boggs captures these enduring qualities, embodying each piece of high quality outdoor furniture with his unique combination of superior design, premium materials and exceptional craftsmanship.

A purpose-built line for withstanding the elements and maintaining high-end patio furniture quality is the Sunniva hardwood outdoor furniture collection. The Sunniva Collection of handcrafted patio furniture is built exclusively from Honduran mahogany: a dense, non-porous wood with natural auburn coloring and fine grain.

Hardwood Outdoor Furniture That’s Built to Last

Genuine mahogany maintains a centuries-old prestige as one of the finest woods in the world from fine furnishings to yaht-building. All of Brian Boggs’ hardwood outdoor furniture is finished with natural penetrating oil that adds to the long-term endurance of this premium outdoor wood. Stainless steel hardware and waterproof joinery add the quality you’d expect from luxury outdoor furniture.

While each piece of handcrafted patio furniture is custom-built to order, you can draw from a timeless collection that has proven its value. Entertain with a Sunniva outdoor solid wood dining set. Then relax on selections from the Sunniva group of high-end patio furniture, such as:

  • Outdoor cocktail tables provide a perfect accompaniment to your outdoor wood patio furniture collection. You can have it made in a variety of heights and circumferences to suit your space and hosting needs.
  • A deluxe porch swing is available with a custom stand. Give your outdoor space a sophisticated, yet comfortable look and feel. This classically crafted piece completes your luxury outdoor furniture set.
  • Outdoor armchairs give you and your family the best of outdoor wood patio furniture without sacrificing the functional seating style you’ve become accustomed to. They fit almost any style patio, porch or gazebo.

An outdoor settee offers a stately alternative to your old garden bench. Order your settee in the size best suited to your needs. Your comfort’s never compromised when you add a settee to your hardwood outdoor furniture collection.

The Family of Heirlooms

Every piece of Brian Boggs Chairmakers’ handmade furniture—from luxury outdoor furniture and solid wood dining chairs to exotic wood furniture and handcrafted tables—is meant to last for generations. When you own some of this custom handmade furniture, you can count on these pieces becoming heirlooms worthy of your estate.

Brian Boggs is an internationally acclaimed furniture designer who can create custom pieces with your family in mind. Just tell him what you want, and watch the ideas blossom. Browse his catalogue for inspiration among varied styles and varieties of woods. Imagine the possibilities:

  • Solid wood tables come in many shapes and sizes. All incorporate the unique signature of the tree from which they are crafted. Designs include:
    • Classic pedestal extension table
    • Custom cherry bar
    • Custom slab table with textured base
    • Cloudgate live-edge hall table
    • Contemporary split-pedestal extension table
    • Lily custom coffee table
    • Lily custom solid wood dining set
    • Round pedestal table
    • Walnut hall table
    • Trestle table


  • Indoor handmade furniture collection, such as:
    • Classic ladderback
    • Greenwood
    • Lily solid wood dining set
    • Sonus guitar chair


  • One-of-a-kind fine wood furniture casegoods:
    • Bedside cabinet
    • Bedside table
    • Chest
    • Hutch
    • Highboy
    • Slice of nature slab bed


Place them proudly in your home, on your porch or in your office. Stop by our shop and gallery, call 828-398-9701 or contact us with questions. Get the latest news by subscribing to our newsletter. We look forward to working with you to create a throne — or a set of dining room chairs — for your everyday use.

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