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Melanie and Brian Boggs work together to build world-class handmade furniture that inspires their craftsmen, customers and the industry to live intentionally.

Brian Boggs manifests furniture designs which honor the soul of the tree while integrating the human experience.  Each piece embodies technical mastery, pushing his talented craftsmen to create works of art that transform his clients’ lives in their homes and businesses. Brian Boggs’ designs include the Grand Lily Arm Chair (2016), Sculpted Fanback Arm Chair (2017), and Cio Side Chair (2019), all winners of the GOOD DESIGN™ Award, and the Sunniva Outdoor Swing (2016), winner of the International A’ Design Award.


As Brian’s mastery of the craft progressed, so did his intent to teach the next generation of craftsmen. His tutorial articles for magazines such as Fine Woodworking and Popular Woodworking have inspired thousands of woodworkers to explore and expand their skills. His passion for spreading the word of woodworking also led him to expand his reach through speaking at conferences and even appearing on the screen in shows like The Woodwright’s Shop and the Disney documentary, America’s Heart & Soul.

Currently, Brian imparts woodworking nuggets of wisdom at in his free video series. Through that forum, he supports fine woodworkers all over the world. In the 1990’s, Brian joined Curtis Buchanan and Scott Landis to found Greenwood, a nonprofit organization which works alongside residents of remote forest communities to help them economically by managing their forests and creating valuable wood products. Through his work with this organization, Brian has trained artisans in both Honduras and Peru.

Melanie Boggs, a former organizational development consultant, is key to the Brian Boggs Company’s business and life approaches. Her global perspective and business acumen combined with a desire to build an organization formed with everyone aligned to the values of excellence, innovation, integrity and social and environmental responsibility.

Working to transform mature organizations for so many years left Melanie with the desire to build a values-driven organization from its inception. She believed wholeheartedly that culture impacts engagement and engagement impacts financial performance, so starting from the beginning made sense. In 2009, Melanie worked with Brian as a consultant for his budding company, realizing what Brian was trying to do went far beyond making and selling his chairs. He had a vision, but needed a strategic plan to move forward. Melanie saw how their two dreams could combine, and they worked together to create a new version of his old company.

Together, Brian and Melanie have built a company that is focused on the support of fine craftsmanship and education, giving back to the world, forest management and materials sustainability, and the pursuit of absolute quality.


When you call Brian Boggs Chairmakers, you find more than just a person taking your order. You find a partner, someone to help you implement your dream.
Before you begin to explore our portfolio, you’ll want to make a decision on your focus. For outdoor furniture, our Sunniva Outdoor Collection will suit your needs. Our other furniture is designed and built for indoor use.
Next, pick your piece or pieces. Our collections furnish your home with chairs, tables, barstools, desks, and even an outdoor swing.
Explore our wood selection. We typically use maple, cherry, walnut, oak, ash, and Honduran mahogany along with other figured wood species like curly maple, curly cherry, and ambrosia maple. The Sunniva Outdoor Collection is constructed exclusively with our Honduran Mahogany.

If you are selecting a table, decide how many people you’ll be seating and the shape of the tabletop. This information will help us define the dimensions of your piece. Tabletop and base combinations are another place where your creativity can shine. Any of our table bases can be matched with traditional mirrored boards, live edge, or glass tops. We recommend our Crescent table bases for circular tables and the Lily table bases for rectangles. However, a quick tour of our portfolio unveils many other combinations and options for tables. From the simple addition of one of our Cio rockers to your living room to furnishing your complete patio, we can assist you. Give us a call at (828) 398-9701 or use our contact form to begin the conversation.



As his mastery of the craft progressed, so did Brian’s intent to teach the next generation of craftsmen. By writing tutorial articles for magazines such as Fine Woodworking and Popular Woodworking, he inspired thousands of woodworkers to explore and expand their skills. His passion for spreading the word of woodworking also led this quiet fellow to expand his reach through speaking at conferences and even appearing on the screen in shows like “The Woodwright’s Shop” and the Disney documentary, “America’s Heart & Soul.” You can find past episodes of Brian’s podcast, “The Ask Brian Boggs Show,” on YouTube, where he answers the questions of woodworkers from around the country. Through that forum and his continuing outreach on, he supports fine woodworkers all over the world.

Continuing in his mission, Brian became a founding member of Greenwood, a nonprofit organization that works alongside residents of remote forest communities to help them economically by managing their forests and creating valuable wood products. Through his work with this organization, Brian trained artisans in Honduras and Peru.

These days, Brian Boggs Chairmakers is housed in a 10,000 square foot facility on the edge of the River Arts District in Asheville, North Carolina where we employ local craftsmen dedicated to keeping the craft alive. Brian uses this opportunity to train these skilled workers in his techniques while maintaining transparency which allows them to learn the business as well.



Brian Boggs Chairmakers uses premium domestic hardwoods sustainably harvested in Western North Carolina and surrounding areas, choosing each specimen by the slab rather than ordering commercial lumber. We work with local businesses that provide this quality hardwood, as well as reclaiming urban debris.

For projects and applications outside of the scope of domestic hardwoods, we import exotic species under exacting standards, most notably our Honduran mahogany supplied through a partnership with Greenwood.



Brian Boggs Chairmakers creates furniture which transcends mere functionality to become treasured heirlooms. Built in days rather than hours, these meticulously constructed custom works are produced to last lifetimes. These pieces of furniture become celebrated members of your family, works of art passed along to your descendants and theirs.


Brian Boggs wants to connect you to the trees. Walking around his workshop, you feel the inspiration surrounding him: full logs are broken into thick slabs, long blocks of mahogany stacked on sturdy shelves, your own body with its specific quirks.

His unique perspective evolved through reading James Krenov’s “The Fine Art of Cabinet Making” and progressed within “Make a Chair from a Tree” by John Alexander. Combining Alexander’s sensitivity to his materials with the mastery of the tools of Krenov, Brian communes with the wood while adding an organic understanding of his clients’ needs.

Brian wants you to sit on his chairs, lean on his tables, work at his desks. For him, your use is intrinsic to the design. Long evenings around a dining room table end with a sigh of laughter – not because of a final shift in your chair which doesn’t bring relief.

While Brian’s designs expanded through the years to include tables and other custom furniture, chairs remain his primary canvas. During his career, he designed and built chairs for highly regarded furniture experts such as Sam Maloof, winner of the MacArthur Genius Grant for his furniture design and woodworking, and Frank Pollaro, CEO of Pollaro Fine Furniture.



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2019: The Cio Dining Chair wins a 2019 GOOD DESIGN™ Award
2017: The Sculpted Fanback Arm Chair wins a 2017 GOOD DESIGN™ Award
2017: Slab in the Dark Table wins a 2017 Western Design Conference BEST OF SHOW Award
2017: FedEx Small Business Grant Bronze Winner
2016: The Grand Lily Arm Chair wins a 2016 GOOD DESIGN™Award
2016: The Sunniva Swing wins a 2016 International A’ Design Award
2015: Became a board member for The Furniture Society
2014: Sunniva Porch Swing & Stand awarded US Patent #D712,167
2013: Lily Chair, Finalist in the 2014 Niche Awards
2010: Best in Show, Craft in America
2010: Best Rocker in the South, Garden & Gun
2008: Editor’s Choice Awards, Popular Woodworking
2007: Best in Show, Fine Furnishings Shows, Providence RI
2006: Top 10 New Tools of the Year, Popular Woodworking
2006: Editor’s Choice Award, Fine Woodworking
2006: Best in Show, Fine Furnishings Show, Milwaukee WI

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