Our Story

OUR Story

Melanie and Brian Boggs work together to build world-class handmade furniture that inspires their craftsmen, customers and the industry to live intentionally.

Brian Boggs manifests furniture designs which honor the soul of the tree while integrating the human experience.  Each piece embodies technical mastery, pushing his talented craftsmen to create works of art that transform his clients’ lives in their homes and businesses. Brian Boggs’ designs include the Grand Lily Arm Chair (2016), Sculpted Fanback Arm Chair (2017), and Cio Side Chair (2019), all winners of the GOOD DESIGN™ Award, and the Sunniva Outdoor Swing (2016), winner of the International A’ Design Award.

As Brian’s mastery of the craft progressed, so did his intent to teach the next generation of craftsmen. His tutorial articles for magazines such as Fine Woodworking and Popular Woodworking have inspired thousands of woodworkers to explore and expand their skills. His passion for spreading the word of woodworking also led him to expand his reach through speaking at conferences and even appearing on the screen in shows like The Woodwright’s Shop and the Disney documentary, America’s Heart & Soul.

Currently, Brian imparts woodworking nuggets of wisdom at BoggsBench.com in his free video series. Through that forum, he supports fine woodworkers all over the world. In the 1990’s, Brian joined Curtis Buchanan and Scott Landis to found Greenwood, a nonprofit organization which works alongside residents of remote forest communities to help them economically by managing their forests and creating valuable wood products. Through his work with this organization, Brian has trained artisans in both Honduras and Peru.

Melanie Boggs, a former organizational development consultant, is key to the Brian Boggs Company’s business and life approaches. Her global perspective and business acumen combined with a desire to build an organization formed with everyone aligned to the values of excellence, innovation, integrity and social and environmental responsibility.

Working to transform mature organizations for so many years left Melanie with the desire to build a values-driven organization from its inception. She believed wholeheartedly that culture impacts engagement and engagement impacts financial performance, so starting from the beginning made sense. In 2009, Melanie worked with Brian as a consultant for his budding company, realizing what Brian was trying to do went far beyond making and selling his chairs. He had a vision, but needed a strategic plan to move forward. Melanie saw how their two dreams could combine, and they worked together to create a new version of his old company.

Together, Brian and Melanie have built a company that is focused on the support of fine craftsmanship and education, giving back to the world, forest management and materials sustainability, and the pursuit of absolute quality.

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