Through education

As his mastery of the craft progressed, so did Brian’s intent to teach the next generation of craftsmen. By writing tutorial articles for magazines such as Fine Woodworking and Popular Woodworking, he inspired thousands of woodworkers to explore and expand their skills. His passion for spreading the word of woodworking also led this quiet fellow to expand his reach through speaking at conferences and even appearing on the screen in shows like “The Woodwright’s Shop” and the Disney documentary, “America’s Heart & Soul.”

Currently, Brian also hosts a podcast, “The Ask Brian Boggs Show,” where he answers the questions of woodworkers from around the country. Through that forum and his continuing outreach on, he supports fine woodworkers all over the world.

Continuing in his mission, Brian became a founding member of Greenwood, a nonprofit organization which works alongside residents of remote forest communities to help them economically by managing their forests and creating valuable wood products. Through his work with this organization, Brian trained artisans in Honduras and Peru.

These days, Brian Boggs Chairmakers is housed in a 10,000 square foot facility on the edge of the River Arts District in Asheville, North Carolina where we employ local craftsmen dedicated to keeping the craft alive. Brian uses this opportunity to train these skilled workers in his techniques while maintaining a transparency which allows them to learn the business as well.

THrough Sustainably harvested materials

Brian Boggs Chairmakers uses premium domestic hardwoods sustainably harvested in Western North Carolina and surrounding areas, choosing each specimen by the slab rather than ordering commercial lumber. We work with local businesses which provide this quality hardwood, as well as reclaiming urban debris.

For projects and applications outside of the scope of domestic hardwoods, we import exotic species under exacting standards, most notably our Honduran mahogany supplied through a partnership with Greenwood.

Through Timeless Design

Brian Boggs Chairmakers creates furniture which transcends mere functionality to become treasured heirlooms. Built in days rather than hours, these meticulously constructed custom works are produced to last lifetimes.

These pieces of furniture become celebrated members of your family, works of art passed along to your descendants and theirs.

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