Wood Selection

Wood Selection

Looking for something unique and truly special? Real wood furniture will give you both. Every piece of wood is unique, with variations in grain pattern and differences in color. We take each piece of wood and transform it into a special creation that lends character to any room it graces.

Selecting Custom Furniture Wood

The Origins of our wood

Where the wood comes from

When buying wood furniture and selecting wood, customers often wonder where the wood comes from. We know exactly where every piece of wood that we work with comes from. We only work with woods harvested from forests in North America, certified to be sustainably harvested. Those forests are closely managed so they will be producing wood for generations to come.

On occasion, we will use wood that comes directly from property owned by our wood furniture artisans. This adds a special dimension to the pieces made.

Our furniture makers inspect each piece of wood. When selecting wood, they are looking for wood that is of the highest quality and strength, straight and true. With this high quality in mind, they pick wood based on the beauty of its grain and color.

Every piece of furniture we make comes directly to you from our shop here in Asheville, NC.

Our Sustainability promise

We Care about Our Impact on the world

As you can see, we source wood from carefully managed forests, where harvesting is done to sustain the source instead of destroying it. We want you to rest easy knowing that the fine wood furniture you buy from us doesn’t come at a cost to future generations. That way you can enjoy the quality, luxury and durability of your new furniture pieces.

Your choice of Wood Species

Get the look you want

Our artisans usually work with one of six wood species: black walnut, honduran mahogany, black cherry, maple, oak and ash. These species work well with fine furniture, due to their color, strength, hardness, and wood patterns. We obtain them from local and regional sources. We love to combine two species to create an artisan feel to a furniture piece.

We also work with other wood species. If you have one in mind, just contact us and we can talk about it.

Special Wood Species

Figured Wood Makes A Unique Look

Some wood species offer dynamic grain patterns that curl, wave and stripe in all different directions. If you want a dramatic piece of furniture, you want one of these figured wood species added to your project. We often work with curly maple, ambrosia maple, quilted maple, curly cherry, and burled woods. You can even come to our showroom and pick out specific pieces of wood for a truly unique look. We can even do that by email if you can’t visit us in person.

Bringing out the Character of the Wood

Nature's Imperfections Perfected

What makes wood furniture special are the little imperfections in the wood that makes each board unique. Darker grains grow closer to the heart of the tree, while lighter grains are closer to the bark. Along with color variations, the grain of the wood will wander and curve in interesting directions, giving the piece a dynamic feel. Mineral deposits can create unique patterns that are never replicated on another piece of wood.

All these variations in the wood have no effect on the strength or durability of the finished furniture piece. But, it does effect just how beautiful the piece will be. They indicate the authenticity of wood furniture. You just cannot get that feeling with low-quality wood or plastic veneers. The real thing is so much better.

What We Do Not Do

Avoiding Rare Rain Forest Woods

We only source woods that come from sustainable sources. Unfortunately, many exotic woods are harvested from the rain forest in ways that are far from sustainable and even illegal. That is why we avoid using those types of wood.

Please note:  It’s hard to reproduce exact shades and hues of wood tones under photographic light. Every care has been made to ensure that the description and specifications of our products are correct and that the representation of color is as accurate as the production and photographic process allow. However we are not to be held responsible for any variation in color caused by the browser software, mobile phone or computer system used by the customer.

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