Author: Melanie Boggs

Designing with Chatoyance

I have explained the challenge of chatoyance to clients and employees for years. Chatoyance (French) refers to how light reflects in a cat’s eye or

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Lily Barstool Variations


The muse for each of my designs always emerges as a feeling before morphing into an image. The feeling stays through the process, and I

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A pleasing view of a valley with mountains in the background


The countdown is on to see which professional and student home furnishings and textile designers will be honored with a prestigious Pinnacle Award trophy at

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Mirror Installation on Wall


Melanie and I visited a client’s mountain home about 18 months ago to discuss some custom occasional tables when they mentioned wanting something creative on

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Custom Wooden Table

A Golden Moment

     Last year, we got an inquiry for a bistro table from a client remodeling his kitchen and dining area. He loved our crescent

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Brian's Mother

A Tribute to My Mother

Mom lived with Melanie and me for seven years. We both had reservations about this arrangement from the beginning. Mom had lived alone for many

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Innovation Design Award Winner

On September 22, 2022 Brian Boggs was honored by the International Society of Furniture Designers at their annual INNOVATION + DESIGN Competition where he received

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Jane's Sunniva

40 Years of Love

As we move into a modest month undeniably marked at its center with love, we felt inspired to focus this newsletter on love and gratitude.

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A Time for Reflection

As we wrap up the year and reflect upon all we’ve accomplished; we feel abundantly fortunate. A year that has challenged every part of our

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Designing Luxurious Dining

Designing Luxurious Dining

Much of my design focus is directed toward seating challenges. It’s fun to play with structural curves to create beautifully comfortable seating that transforms even

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wooden spirits bar cabinet

Lift Your Spirits

While I got my start in life in western North Carolina, much of my growing up took place in central Kentucky, Bourbon country.  My early

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Magical Dinning

Magical Dining

When I think of the most magical dining experiences in my life, the same four come to mind every time. A 1977 feast in southern

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Brian Boggs with His Art

Strength Through Transformation

Strength doesn’t come from the traditional powerplay, a masterful strategy, one battle’s fight. Strength comes from ten thousand mistakes rectified and often expensive experiments weathered.

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Maple in Sonus Chair

Opening An Old Wound

Every tree has stories to tell. Surprises reveal themselves when we open a log at the sawmill and again when we shape parts close to

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CNC and Bark Machine

The Weight of Wisdom

I first thought of selling my bark processing machine years ago.  I even priced it and told a few folks that I thought might be

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The Gift of the Lily Desk

One of our clients, who is also a woodworker, approached us this past December about building two of our Lily desks for their 50th Anniversary.

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The Seduction of Backgammon

At nine or ten years old, Melanie Boggs’ father taught her about playing backgammon and chess. She retained the rules of chess, but her true

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Best 5 Tips for Building habits

To truly begin the journey of living intentionally, you first have to identify the beliefs which will guide you. Someone who believes in sustainability could

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Travel to Dubai Hotel Show

Brian and Melanie love traveling to exotic locales. It’s one of their favorite parts of this business! So they are excited to get on the

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