Appalachian heritage and contemporary lines

Brian Boggs built his first ladderback chair in 1982 and launched a career spanning over thirty years. A blend of Appalachian heritage and contemporary lines, the Berea collection embodies relaxation and homestyle comfort. At once stylish and nostalgic, ladderback chairs, barstools and rockers fill a unique space in our environment.

Years of research into ergonomic engineering have brought a genuine comfort to the traditional beauty of our ladderback chair. The woven seats cushion you while the slatted backs support your lumbar. Additionally, the chair is designed to be sturdy but lightweight for easy movement.

Each of our chairs are handmade in Asheville, North Carolina, using our fine selection of hardwoods and a variety of colors of shaker tape.

Custom Solid Wood Dining Furniture


This iconic chair sets any traditional dining room apart with its supreme comfort and craftsmanship. Choose from a variety of wood species and shaker tape colors to create the perfect complement for your home.
Berea Ladderback Side Chair
Berea Ladderback Arm Chair


This stately arm chair, most commonly placed at the head of the table, is light weight and very sturdy for easy moving. As the perfect companion to our ladderback side chair it shares in elegance and comfort.


In search for the perfect bar stool for either your counter or bar, our ladderback bar stool is made to order to fit your specific space.
Ladderback Bar Stool View
Berea Ladderback Rocking Chair


Not many pieces of furniture are as memorable as the iconic rocking chair. Subconscious memories of the rhythmic rocking as a child stay with us through adulthood and come back to us as soon as we sit in a flawlessly balanced one. Built to order and customized to fit. Come try this one.


Wood Species & Shaker Tape Options

While cherry remains the favorite option for most of our clientele, we build our ladderback chairs using any of our hardwood species. These include black walnut, Honduran mahogany, black cherry, maple, oak and ash.

Shaker tape comes in various colors to match any décor.

Rack of Shaker Tape


We work with hardwoods which are sourced from sustainably managed forests. The majority comes from our region, including the occasional tree from property owned by one of our craftsmen. The lone exception to our regional sources is our Honduran mahogany, sustainably sourced from a trio of sawyer cooperatives in Honduras in association with Madera Verde and Greenwood.


Can I use one of your ladderback chairs on my porch?

Our ladderback chairs are designed and built exclusively for indoor use. Sturdy but light, these chairs can be blown away by a strong wind.

How long until I can receive my ladderback chair?

Currently, the lead time is five to six months from the placement of your order.

Do you ever use hickory bark for weaving the seats?

In the past, Brian’s chair design included a woven bark seat. However, his design now calls exclusively for shaker tape and we no longer offer a woven bark option.

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