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A Masterpiece Reinvented

The ladderback chair for the modern era, Cio embodies the moment where form follows function, bringing elegance to ergonomics.

Rocking Chair

Allow the Cio Rocker to enfold you, cradling your body in its perfect grasp.


Enjoy comfort you’ve never experienced before in this lightweight, innovative wooden chair. Winner of a 2019 GOOD DESIGN™Award


Sexy style combines with sturdy ergonomics to give you an arm chair equally at home in the living and dining areas.

Exquisite Comfort

The culmination of thirty-six years of experience in chair design, the Cio rocking chair gifts you with your most comfortable sitting experience ever within an innovative, lightweight chair.

Effortless Relaxation

You’ll relax easily in this groundbreaking seat which offers a nice pocket for the buttocks and lifts the thighs gently to keep pressure off the sit bones. The super straight grain slims the leg down to a dimension that allows it to spring in use, creating a sense of buoyancy and softness much like an upholstered chair.
Cio Ladderback Rocking Chair Seat
Cio Ladderback Rocking Chair Side view

Divine Support

Cuddle into the perfect grip of the Cio rocking chair. This chair cradles you as it follows the sitter’s form as precisely as possible from the top of the back to the front of the seat. Each slat conforms to the thoracic and lumbar curves in three dimensions: the vertical curve flow, the horizontal shape, and the orientation of all this to the seat. Sitting here is like a hug for your whole body.

The Sturdiest Featherweight

The Cio removes the traditional undercarriage and uses a cutting-edge hollow seat to reduce the weight of this chair while maintaining strength and comfort. There is nothing new about the effort to make a chair fit the human body, but traditional designs limit how this can be done without making an excessively heavy chair.
Cio Ladderback Rocking Chair Back view

From Berea to Cio.

Discover the journey

After thirty-six years, Brian Boggs embraces the challenge of a new ladderback chair that combines all of his chairmaking knowledge while continuing his journey of innovation. Watch the video below to explore the innovation contained in Brian Boggs’ Cio chairs.

A Ladderback for Modern Times

In Cio (pronounced chee – o, meaning renew in Latin), Brian Boggs renews the ladderback chair for the modern era.

Transitional Design

With ties to the early American ladderback design, this update integrates contemporary and modern design elements to fit into transitional, traditional or modern décor schemes.


While linen’s roots hold a respectable place in history, linen composite earns attention in modern manufacturing replacing carbon fiber and fiberglass as a green alternative in the boating, automotive, and airline industries.


The whole chair follows your form from the top of the back to the front of the seat. Our specially designed process bends the slats in two planes, yielding a slat that fits the sitter’s back with perfection.

Durable Joints

Focusing on the stress concentration at the seat to rear leg joint, a hickory rail inside the seat provides two nearly unbreakable tenons. To ensure that the joints last for centuries, the grain is oriented in the hickory rail so that the medullary rays are vertical, minimizing the stress from wood movement. Each tenon and mortise is tapered from base to tip to keep the glue in place during assembly and self-clamp to ensure the strongest bond possible.

Strength & Stability

The combination of veneers and linen composite not only provide great strength, they work together to form a dimensionally stable seat that will never crack and allow a lot more design freedom than traditional designs do. Combined with the joints, this approach provides enough strength to forgo bracing under the seat and allow the design to flow as naturally as the tree.

Hollow Seat

A combination of wood veneers and linen composite creates a super strong and flexible seat shell that bridges the hickory side rails. The fusion of veneers and linen composite work together to form a dimensionally stable seat that will never crack.
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