Ask any hotelier or restaurateur and whether they own a mountaintop resort or the corner bar they each face the same obstacle, the scarcity of durable fine furniture tailored to the hospitality market. This is not due to a shortage of designs, merely a lack of overlap between visual appeal and craftsmanship that will withstand years of commercial use.

Starting with our extensive catalog of wood furnishings we regularly adapt our designs into customized dining rooms, common areas, and various commercial environments. From specially selected finishes and textures to unique wood species, our craftsmen are ready to craft custom solutions for your guests.

Restaurant Walnut Bar Stools

5 Walnut Wine Bar

March 21, 2017

Luxury Commercial Outdoor Rocking Chairs

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park

March 21, 2017

Commercial Restaurant Rustic Bar Stools

Smoky Park Supper Club

September 15, 2015