At Brian Boggs Chairmakers, we believe those who live extraordinary lives express their own creativity and style. Inspired designs begin at the confluence of your style and Brian Boggs’ expertise. Discover your perfect solution with his collaboration.

When you meet with Brian, make sure to bring your specific dimensions and requirements. Once Brian understands your needs, he uses sketches and models to describe his vision.

Once the two of you have settled on a design, we move forward, placing your piece in the queue and reserving the perfect materials for custom furniture’s construction.

Most of our tables are considered custom work as the tops and bases may be mixed and matched, and the size amended to suit your space as necessary. In addition, we have created other unique pieces such as desks, hall tables and bookshelves.

If you are selecting a live edge or wish to use a figured wood species, we invite you to come to our studio to choose your perfect piece of wood for a truly unique look. If you prefer, we can also communicate through email with photography to complete your choice.

Custom furniture work usually requires six months to a year of lead time.
Discover the ease of allowing us to create a beautiful piece to solve your furnishing dilemma. Contact us at 828.398.9701 or email us to start the process.

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We source the majority of our hardwoods from sustainably managed forests here in the North Carolina region. Honduran mahogany remains our lone exception with its origin in the rainforests of Honduras. A trio of sawyer cooperatives in association with Greenwood and Madera Verde, a non-profit organization, sustainably manages the harvest of this fine wood species for all types of custom furniture.

Custom Furniture Wood From Jungle


Can you recreate a chair to replace one missing from a current set I own?

We only build our original designs here at Brian Boggs Chairmakers.

What is the cost of creating a custom furniture piece?

While all bespoke projects have their own cost, the design fee is contained in 20% of the estimated price of the piece. If you decide not to move forward with the piece, the 20% design fee will be assessed and payable.

How do I get started?

Contact us or email us to set up an appointment with Brian Boggs.

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