Media Cabinet

Our media cabinet showcases a waterfall of perfectly matched, bandsawn walnut flowing top to bottom.

Two speaker cabinets frame enough space for a 75” TV screen while housing four units of a seven-speaker sound system. Speaker cloth dresses up the fronts of these towers and lets the sound escape freely.

A third fabric-covered cabinet hides a fifth speaker. The two outer cabinets conceal down-facing sub-woofers. The remaining cabinets house components and accessories.

Surrounding the TV and speaker cabinets float 5 lighted shelves to display your unique collections, providing quiet inspiration when the TV is off.

84” / 213.5 cm


144” / 366 cm


24” / 61 cm

Built to order, worth the wait.

Built to order, worth the wait.

Our talented craftsmen are waiting to build your special chair. Our furniture is built to order. Due to high demand, our lead times fluctuate between 3 and 5 months. A 50% deposit is required to initiate your order. The balance is due before shipping.

If you would like a quote for shipping, please send us your physical address in your inquiry.

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