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Shop Furniture

Our furniture supports every part of your life, from working to relaxing. Our master craftsmen construct each piece at our shop in Asheville, North Carolina. While we continue to honor traditional methods of building furniture, innovation is at the heart of our work. All of our designs are original, ergonomic, and built to last for generations. As an extension of our dedication to quality, we approach every project with a commitment to detail and a vision of the finished environment developed through working closely with our clients and trade professionals.

New Designs

Brian Boggs continually creates new designs to inspire and enchant. A confluence of artistry and ergonomics, his latest visions are revealed here.


Dining Room Furniture

From tables that support a bounty to chairs which support the conversation, our fine furniture completes your dining room with an honest beauty.


Add inspiration to your living area with our elegant wooden chairs and tables.


Inspire your working space with our desks and bookcase, suitable for any location from a corporate office to a convenient nook.


Constructed exclusively of Honduran mahogany, our Sunniva Outdoor Collection beckons you into the landscape to refresh yourself in sophisticated comfort.

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