With your comfort in mind, Brian Boggs designed this upholstered chair to support you exactly where and how you need support. Luxurious and light, the simple lines of the Herron chair pair well with traditional, modern or contemporary interiors. Suitable for the dining room as well as living room lounging, this comfortable chair serves elegance wherever it lands.

A solid structure backs up this padded seat covered with our fabric, specially selected for its complement to the wood species. You may also customize further by selecting your own fabric.

dining chair with footstool

Heart Warming Quality

Combining thirty-eight years of chair design with his extensive knowledge of ergonomics, Brian Boggs presents his innovative twist on the upholstered chair, the Herron chair. Please enjoy.

What people are saying about HERRON

My Heron arm-chair is a work of art, both visually and tactilely. It has a dignity, that obviously comes from the love, respect, and skill that Brian put into the creation of this chair. The fluidity of its lines and structure lends to a continuity of the wood.

It is so pleasing to look at AND so comfortable to sit in. I sit in my armchair for hours, reading or thinking or just looking out the window at the birds, without having to constantly move, wiggle, or shift around in the seat. I forget I have a body when I’m in this arm-chair, there are no pressure points! I’m under five feet tall and had been uncomfortable in chairs for all of my long adult life, sitting mostly, on the floor. Not anymore! The change is profound. This chair holds an honored place in my life. It is my chair of contentment; I am at peace when sitting in it. And I’m so grateful to Brian and Melanie for the quality of communication and service from beginning to end. I can’t wait to talk to you about a desk & chair!

Elaine K.
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Handmade in the USA since 1982

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