This chair mimics a lily flower with its armrests, which were inspired by the form of lily stamens. To preserve the minimalist Grand Lily profile, adding armrests requires a free-floating design that distributes stress and pulls support from deep within the seat. The solution involves both material choice and engineering through the use of a heat-treated hickory dowel and taper locking dovetails.

Each Lily Chair has a minimalist frame design, which requires no bracing below the seat. The chairs are assembled with long tapered dovetails and locking tapered tenons at the junction of each rear leg. The use of double tenons in the front legs further reduces the need for screws or bracing, increasing the stability and longevity of the design.

Released in 2015, the Grand Lily Armchair is designed to invoke images of a flower in bloom, the outline of this chair is built to a height in scale with larger dining tables of six or more place settings. “We are proud to announce that our grand lily armchair has won a 2016 Good Design Award; The world’s oldest and most prestigious Consumer Design Award Program!

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Good Design Awards picks the Grand Lily Arm Chair

Founded in Chicago in 1950, GOOD DESIGN™ remains the oldest, most prestigious, and most recognized program for design excellence worldwide. For 2016, the Museum received submissions from several thousand of the world’s leading manufacturers and industrial and graphic design firms from around the world representing the most important and critical mass of influential corporations worldwide in the design industry from over 55 countries.

“We needed the perfect table and chairs for our small dining room – and we found them! Our Glass Top Lily Table feels light and open, fitting the space without crowding it. The matching Lily Chairs are unbelievably comfortable and contemporary, but with the warmth and timeless beauty of wood. This set has definitely found its place in our home, and we couldn’t be happier.”

Dave C.

“We love our Lily stools! We had been looking for bar stools for our new house when we came upon Brian Boggs Chairmakers. Brian and Melanie were so wonderful to work with, it was like working with friends. They listened to what we wanted, gave us some great advice, showed us around the workshop and kept us updated on the progress of the stools via email. The stools are truly pieces of art and so comfortable to sit on. We enjoy them everyday and I love seeing them in my kitchen every morning when I wake up!”


“After completing a two year conversion of our house from a simple Cape Cod to an arts and crafts bungalow, we wanted to treat ourselves to something really special. While driving by Brian’s old workshop, we noticed the Sunniva Swing outside and it impressed us so much, we turned around, parked, and were pleasantly greeted by Brian and Melanie. You could see the passion they have immediately. There is something about Brian’s chairs that just fit so right. I never thought that a solid wood chair could be more comfortable than most upholstered chairs. We decided on the Lily Bar Stools in butternut and walnut, and could not be more happy with them. In fact, I feel honored to have them every time I sit in them. And it is always fun to have a new guest first ooh and ahh about their looks and see their face when they feel how comfortable they are to sit in. These are truly functional art.”

Chris Allen

“Simply beautiful! Thank you.”

Billy W.

“When I first saw a Lily dining chair, I was taken with its elegant lines and beautiful craftsmanship. It looked as much like a sculpture as a chair. Years of sitting in uncomfortable chairs, shifting or perching on the edge, left me with the assumption that dining chairs are inherently uncomfortable. But actually sitting in the Lily chair changed my relationship with chairs forever. It is incredibly comfortable and made for lingering at the table. To find a chair that is so comfortable for people of all shapes and sizes is amazing. To find one that is also so beautifully made, strong and elegant, with a deep appreciation for the grain and beauty of the wood is extraordinary. It is a joy to have Lily chairs in my home and a pleasure to sit in them every day.”


“We love our barstools. When we visited you and Brian in Asheville at your workshop, we asked for stools that would be comfortable and truly stand-out and you and your team superceded that objective. My barstools are functional “works of art” that attract attention as soon as guests enter the room. The first conversations are always to tell the story not only of how we found “Brian Boggs Chairmakers” but also the woods in the stools and the process used to make the stools. Most of our guests have never heard of “ebonizing”, so this is a different language for them. It is also helpful to keep our photo album close to show the chairs being made and the photos of you, Brian and Nicolas working on the chairs. It is only after we discuss the chairs that we can pass to the hors d’oeuvres.”

Bill & Merry Walker
Favicon Brian Boggs

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