The lines of our Lily Collection flow in gentle curves because nature never displayed a fondness for perfect 90-degree angles.

The seats and seat backs are shaped according to advanced ergonomic principles to complement the human body. They provide such unparalleled comfort and support that, upon sitting, you imagine each chair has been designed and sculpted just for you.

For the profile and legs of the chairs, we mimicked the form of an open lily blossom, crafting each seat into “petals” to form an organic yet contemporary look. The table complements the chairs, especially with a live edge top. The base supports traditional mirrored boards and glass tops as well.

Each piece of the Lily Collection is shaped and carved by hand, representing more than seating. These chairs, barstools and tables are pieces of fine art, shaped to enhance your surroundings and open your heart through your everyday use. Not just beautiful but strong and sturdy, these pieces will continue to support you and your family through generations.

After all, you are the final piece of the puzzle. None of our furniture is finished until you use it.

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Arm Chair

The Grand Lily Arm Chair wins a 2016 GOOD DESIGN™Award, as awarded by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.

Solid Wood Lily Arm Chair
Solid Wood Lily Side Dining Chair

Side Chair

Our Lily side chair is the perfect complement to a transitional dining room. The hand chamfered edges beg to be touched and the carved seat offers uncompromising comfort.


Designed for comfort and versatility, our Lily base can hold a live edge, glass or wooden top. Every table is built to order.

Solid Wood Walnut Lily Table
Solid Wood Lily Bar Stool

Bar Stool

Our celebrated Lily bar stool offers more than a comfortable place to sit, it adds character, color and a beautifully rendered piece of art to any kitchen or bar.


A flowing, cantilevered design, our Lily desk is an ideal accent to any foyer, bedroom, or small office. A writing desk with a minimalist footprint, this piece may be customized to desired height and tabletop dimensions, pairs with a custom height Lily chair.

Lily Desk with Lily Side Chair


Wood Species

Our Lily dining chairs, barstools and tables celebrate the inherent beauty of meticulously selected hardwoods with a rich natural finish. Available in a variety of sustainably harvested wood species chosen for exceptional color, grain and durability, we recommend selecting one species for the legs, arms and/or table base and another for the seats, backs and table top. The Lily table base is also well-suited for a live edge or glass table top.


We work with hardwoods which are sourced from sustainably managed forests. The majority comes from our region, including the occasional tree from property owned by one of our craftsmen. The lone exception to our regional sources is our Honduran mahogany, sustainably sourced from a trio of sawyer cooperatives in Honduras in association with Madera Verde and Greenwood.


Are the seats and backs carved by hand?

Our seats and backs are carved using a machine which matches a curved template. This machine is controlled by hand through the entire process and results in the perfectly ergonomic comfort of our chairs.

How do you create the strength of these chairs?

In armless chairs, stress concentrates where the seat and back connect. Our answer to that challenge is the pinwheel joint. Each part is mortised and tenoned to allow as much interlocking fiber as possible between the stressed members. Tests in our shop have demonstrated this joint’s phenomenal strength. In addition, the rear frame of the Lily joins the carved back and seat with long tapered dovetails precision-fitted to lock tight just as the parts land in their final position. These hidden marvels of unique joinery allow not only for a very clean appearance, but an extremely strong bond between the parts.

How long until my chair will arrive?

Currently, the wait is five to six months from the placement of your order.
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