wood bar cabinet

Lift Your Spirits

While I got my start in life in western North Carolina, much of my growing up took place in central Kentucky, Bourbon country.  My early

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CNC and Bark Machine

The Weight of Wisdom

I first thought of selling my bark processing machine years ago.  I even priced it and told a few folks that I thought might be

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Wooden Bookshelf Design

The Pagoda Shelf

An extraordinary home requires an extraordinary home office. A space where form doesn’t just follow function but enhances that function with inspiration. Our Pagoda shelf

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Wooden Butter

Steve Vai endorsed the Sonus Guitar Chair on Episode Nine of his podcast, Alien Guitar Secrets, by saying “And it’s kind of like… my butt

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The Gift of the Lily Desk

One of our clients, who is also a woodworker, approached us this past December about building two of our Lily desks for their 50th Anniversary.

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The Seduction of Backgammon

At nine or ten years old, Melanie Boggs’ father taught her about playing backgammon and chess. She retained the rules of chess, but her true

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