Slab In The Dark Table

Slab tables have enjoyed a popularity for decades for their celebration of a single tree in all its raw beauty.  Our clients have asked us to offer our own take on slab design.  While we offer solid slabs to those who want the full impact of a tree’s flowing form as their table top design, we wanted to offer a way to capture the beauty of the grain and celebrate the life of a tree while not having the tree’s form drive the shape of the table.

Our process for making these engineered tops creatively showcases the beauty of the wood while allowing our clients to decide on the shape and size of the table top. This engineered table top offers strength and stability not possible in a solid wood top. We surface solid birch plywood cores with a .125” thick bandsawn veneer, vacuum pressed and epoxied to the ply core.  As a result, the surface is thick enough to endure many repairs and refinishing over the coming centuries. The sawn veneers allow us the best options for wood grain matching for the most beautiful tops possible with any given material. The plywood core prevents the possibility of warping or cracking, ensuring that your table top will be flat and beautiful for generations.  Sustainable beauty at its best.

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The Slab In The Dark Table wins a 2017 BEST OF SHOW Award, as awarded by the Western Design Conference.