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The Boggs backgammon board is truly a marvel; it pushes the limits of design while paying homage to the game’s 5000-year history. But most importantly, it allows for a gameplay experience unlike any other.

As opposed to other boards, with a rounded edge and square playing surface, ours is entirely rounded. The effect this has on the game is substantial. The field is much larger than the typical board, measuring 30” diameter, allowing for more of a tournament-style play, where there is more room for the dice to be thrown, for that delightful chaos to be rendered.

The finishing work adds to the play, too.

One of the great joys of the game is the ability to lose yourself in the strategy, and that seems to happen effortlessly on the Boggs board. The quilted maple surface, the subtle backward beveling around the playing points, and the sense of depth that provides, the sound of the dice hitting the epoxy finish… all allow for an incredibly immersive, sensory experience.

And when the backgammon board game is finished, our leather and linen binding allows the board to be folded in half, making for easy storage and a beautiful display piece.

  • 30″ Diameter x 1.5″ Depth Open
  • 15″ W x 30″ L x 3″ D Closed

We ship globally using FedEx and other white glove services. Shipping fees vary greatly depending on timing, weight, volume, and quantity. Generally, domestic shipping can be estimated at 10-15% of the piece’s retail value. During the initial placement of your order, we offer an estimate for your shipping costs. You can also pick up your finished order at our shop. We offer free delivery within thirty miles of our workshop. If you pick up your finished order at our shop or if your order is delivered within North Carolina, the appropriate North Carolina sales tax will apply.

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