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Sculpted Fanback Arm Chair

The regal Sculpted Fan Back flows through each hand sculpted detail. Each of the back slats glides smoothly into the lower rail, following the natural shape of the human form.

A seasoned innovator, Brian is the first to integrate linen composite into wooden furniture elements to enhance a structural matrix. This three-thousand-year-old technology which protected Alexander the Great’s soldiers from spears now provides a green alternative to carbon fiber in many manufacturing applications including jet interiors, car and motorcycle bodies, and even boats and skis.

Brian unites this linen composite and hardwood in the Sculpted Fan Back’s seat to increase strength and flexibility. Using this new sustainable material allows Brian to create a wooden chair which sits as comfortably as an upholstered chair while reducing the weight significantly.Along with using the linen composite, Brian Boggs sources sustainably harvested high quality logs to create all of his tables and chairs.

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Wooden fanback armchair
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