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Sunniva Outdoor Swing

Elegantly comfortable, our deluxe porch swing cradles you for ultimate relaxation. Inspired by the flowing curves of Asian timber frame architecture, the design fits seamlessly into your outdoor destination. When attached to its optional cantilevered stand, the swing sways on silent bushings to allow for uninterrupted contemplation of your landscape. Premium wood selection and precision joinery contribute to the weatherproofing of this functional masterpiece of garden architecture.

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Product Details

Comfort Curves

To create the remarkable lumbar support of this line, we employ a process of stop-cut lamination.  The result is the flowing curve you see in the rocker runners, swing bows, and all Sunniva seat and back slats.

Built to Last

Our furniture is very challenging to build, drawing on techniques that require years to master.  Hidden quality features not only support the furniture’s resistance to weather, but also support you.  Our joinery is phenomenally strong and, where possible, fully housed.  The benefit is a very clean look that will never expose openings around the joints, making the Sunniva line’s structural integrity effectively weatherproof and perfectly sealed for longer life.

Ergonomic & Contemporary

The entire Sunniva line is a marvel of precision engineering. The rocker and armchair’s elegant, ergonomic curves are reinforced by aircraft aluminum bands that support you fully while keeping the profile slim and modern. The lower band connects to all four legs to maximize strength and durability. The aluminum holds no moisture after a rain, enabling the slats to dry out quickly.

Premium Wood

All great furniture begins with premium materials. More than any other wood, we recommend durable, beautiful Honduran mahogany for our clients’ outdoor spaces. The mahogany we use comes from our friends in Honduras, a trio of sawyers’ cooperatives who sustainably manage an area of rainforest near the small community of Copen. Our purchase of wood is critical to the success of this project, which Brian has been involved with since its inception in 1993.

We are proud to offer you the Sunniva as the finest in highly durable yet luxurious outdoor comfort. As a combination of engineering and artistry with the client’s comfort needs at the forefront, it is a sound investment.

How Mahogany Weathers

Warm, straight-grained, and reddish-brown, mahogany has long been prized for its beauty, durability, and color. Ours is sustainably harvested by a trio of sawyers’ cooperatives in Honduras, and some of the same timber has gone on to become high-end guitars. It ages evenly to a uniform, silvery gray. Because it handles heat extremely well, we recommend mahogany for homes where the summer is especially hot and dry. Wasps and hornets are also less attracted to it than to white oak, which is worth considering if your area has large populations of these nest-building insects.

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