Cio Fanback Rocker Arm

$7500 USD

Our fanback rocker design has a couple of advantages over our ladderbcak rocker. The vertical orientation of the back supports crosses your ribs. This allows each back support to follow the shape of your back all the way from your lumbar to the top of your thoracic curve, making the feeling of support virtually seamless no matter how you sit in the chair.

The extra length of the perfectly shaped back as it passes below the seat also allows each support to flex significantly as you move around in the chair, softening the sense of support while generally maintaining its proper shape. It is hard to appreciate this fully until you sit in this chair and let it work its magic.

Built to order, worth the wait.

Built to order, worth the wait.

Our talented craftsmen are waiting to build your special chair. Our furniture is built to order. Due to high demand, our lead times fluctuate between 3 and 5 months. A 50% deposit is required to initiate your order. The balance is due before shipping.

If you would like a quote for shipping, please send us your physical address in your inquiry.

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