Sonus Guitar Chair



Built-in a collaboration with guitarists, this chair supports them beautifully. The low round seat allows for full freedom of movement for your instrument, arms and elbows. Thick leather feet protect the floor and remain silent during recording. In addition, the ergonomic support grants your diaphragm the space necessary for full expression. The carved seat and back promote an ergonomic, upright posture which both reinforces the lumbar curve of your lower back and sits below the shoulder blades.

Maple with Walnut Legs
$2320 USD
Curly Maple with Ebonized Leg
$3000 USD
Ambrosia Maple with Walnut Legs
$3250 USD

With a height customized for you, Sonus chairs promote circulation by placing legs at a comfortable angle. Sonus Guitar Chair combines the benefits of a finely tuned bespoke chair with the aesthetic appeal of solid wood furniture. Built to assist the player through the physical demands of practice and performance, the Sonus design is a direct compliment to the human body in a playing position.

Endorsed by Steve Vai, Alien Guitar Secrets

“And it’s kind of like… my butt was molded into wooden butter…. It’s just very comfortable and it keeps your back straight and it’s just remarkable actually and so this is now my go-to chair for sitting and playing. Highly recommend checking out the Sonus chair” said Steve Vai

Phil Collen with Boggs Guitar Chair Small

Endorsed by Phil Collen

“This chair is incredible. It’s stunningly gorgeous and really comfortable. I use it where I do all of my recording, so I’m there for quite long periods. I love this chair! You really do forget you’re sitting on a wooden chair. It’s hard to describe the comfort.” said Phil Collen, guitarist for Def Leppard, as he endorsed Brian Boggs’ guitar chair, the Sonus. “I feel honored to have a member of rock ‘n roll royalty endorse the Sonus chair on the tenth anniversary of its existence,” said Brian Boggs.

Endorsed by Colin Hay, Lead Singer for Men at Work

With a performance of his classic song, “Overkill,” Colin Hay highlighted his affinity for his new Sonus guitar chair with a smile and the words, “Nice chair.” The Grammy-winning musician had previously shared his appreciation in a note, saying, “I love my new chair! I shall treasure it, and sit upon it, while I ponder my good fortune.”

Sonus chairs in their homes

“I’m really enjoying my chair. Not only is it gorgeous – a piece of wonderful sculpture in my music room – but it is so comfortable that I can forget about it while I’m playing or practicing. A fitting accompaniment to my guitars. Two of my guitars were made by the late Lance McCollum, who described his creations as “functional sculpture.” This clearly is an appropriate term for Brian’s work as well. Thanks again.”

Ron Greene

“It’s amazing in every way! It has improved my posture, and extended the amount of time I can sit and play guitar everyday. It couldn’t be more comfortable, and my 3 year old daughter loves sitting in it so much she as referred to it as ‘her guitar chair’. I dont even like sitting in any other chair when I am at home when I am playing guitar or just watching TV. Last but certainly not least it is a beautiful piece of furniture that visitors ask about constantly. Thanks so much for the time and care you put into this, and it has changed my life and made guitar playing even more enjoyable. I could not be happier with this purchase.”

Mike R.

“The Sonus Musician’s Chair was well worth the investment. I am able to play my guitars for hours with no discomfort. The problems I was having with tightness in my back and shoulder have disappeared. The chair has corrected my former unhealthy “slouching” guitar posture by helping me sit up straight. At the same it is also improving my playing technique. I would highly recommend the chair to any guitar player. It is also a beautiful work of art!”

“Thank you for my beautiful Sonus chairs. They are by far the most comfortable chairs I’ve found anywhere for sitting and working for long stretches of time. I’m a lawyer. So I spend more of my day sitting than I’d like. Before your Sonus I worked in Herman Miller Aeron and Knoll Generation chairs. I’ve found that with the Sonus chair my posture has gotten better and I’m more alert after sitting and working for hours on end. These Sonus chairs really are wonderful chairs.”
J. Lange

“I wanted a chair to match the beauty of my new Laurie Williams Kauri guitar plus a chair that was comfortable to sit in. There was nothing that I could find in New Zealand but an online search revealed the Sonus Chair from North Carolina. Melanie and Brian have been great to work with. Brian’s pride in his work is very evident and the finished product which arrived a few months ago has certainly met my high expectations. An extremely comfortable chair that aesthetically sits well at home – I love the craftsmanship. Thanks Brian and thanks to Melanie for the excellent communication along the journey.”

John Barrett
“The guitar chair is superb. I got a chance to use it for a jam session last night. It is extraordinarily comfortable to play guitar in. I also found the chair puts me in a posture of engagement, helping me focus on the music. I’m appreciating all the fine and beautiful construction details. It’s a brilliant design. I enjoyed sitting in it while my friends and I were just hanging out too.”

“I received my figured maple/cherry legs chair in April after reading many glowing testimonials. I have played for many years, but felt that lately my playing time had decreased as I always had to quit due to lower back stiffness. Stools never did work for me as they have no back and are often too high. Most chairs seemed to be totally inappropriate because they did not match the length of my leg from the knee to the floor and were poorly angled in the seat. Upon sitting in this fine piece of workmanship (gorgeous!) I found, like others, my posture was much better, the small of the back was properly supported, and of course with a custom leg length, the height was perfect. The thick maple with body shaped contours is extremely comfortable, and I find that I can play for hours without the discomfort I previously dreaded. This is a fine piece of furniture, admired by both guitarists and others, and is always on display in the living room. I couldn’t recommend it more… not cheap, but definitely worth it.”

Tony Horlor
“She’s quite a work of art and an absolute joy to play in. Sent along a few pics of the musical family with their new sibling. Thanks again for the beautiful addition to the home.”
Bill Ferrara
“Spent some time playing guitar yesterday with my new Sonus chair and I have to say, I have NEVER been more comfortable while playing! No more sore back, crossed legs and a yoga block under one foot for me! Not to mention what a beautiful piece of art that Brian has created especially for me! My brother and sister in law are art lovers and appreciate fine contemporary furniture and they are in love with the style and materials of this gorgeous chair…I only wish I was going to be there to meet you both in person! Thank you so much…good things come to those who wait!!!!”
Sara Kramer

“I love the Sonus Musician’s Chair! I play guitar and violin. The chair encourages and supports proper posture for long practice sessions on both instruments. Of course, you still need to get up and move around to keep blood flowing, but returning to the chair is always a pleasure. And it is a beautiful work of art that adds class to my studio.”

Ken Kallenbach
Favicon Brian Boggs

Handmade in the USA since 1982

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