Colin Hay, Lead Singer for Men at Work, Endorses the Sonus Guitar Chair

With a performance of his classic song, “Overkill,” Colin Hay highlighted his affinity for his new Sonus guitar chair with a smile and the words, “Nice chair.” The Grammy-winning musician had previously shared his appreciation in a note, saying, “I love my new chair! I shall treasure it, and sit upon it, while I ponder my good fortune.”
Def Leppard with Sonus Chair

What Phil Collen has to say about our Sonus Guitar Chair

“This chair is incredible. It’s stunningly gorgeous and really comfortable. I use it where I do all of my recording, so I’m there for quite long periods. I love this chair! You really do forget you’re sitting on a wooden chair. It’s hard to describe the comfort.” said Phil Collen, guitarist for Def Leppard, as he endorsed Brian Boggs’ Sonus guitar chair.

“I feel honored to have a member of rock ‘n roll royalty endorse the Sonus chair on the tenth anniversary of its existence,” said Brian Boggs.

Sonus Guitar Chair combines the benefits of a finely tuned bespoke chair with the aesthetic appeal of solid wood furniture.

Built to assist the player through the physical demands of practice and performance, the Sonus design is a direct compliment to the human body in a playing position. The carved seat and back promote an ergonomic, upright posture which both reinforces the lumbar curve of your lower back and sits below the shoulder blades.

With a height customized for you, Sonus chairs promote circulation by placing legs at a comfortable angle.

While built in a collaboration with guitarists, this chair will support any musician. The low round seat allows for full freedom of movement for your instrument, arms and elbows. Thick leather feet protect the floor and remain silent during recording. In addition, the ergonomic support grants your diaphragm the space necessary for full expression.

Sonus Guitar Chair with Back View


Example combinations

Sonus Guitar Chair Ambrosia Maple Walnut
Ambrosia Maple with Walnut Legs
Sonus Guitar Chair Curley Maple Black
Curly Maple with Ebonized Legs
Sonus Guitar Chair Maple Walnut Side View
Maple with Walnut Legs
Sonus Guitar Chair Mahogany Walnut
Mahogany with Walnut Legs
Sonus Black Guitar Chair Studio Chair
Glossy Black
Sonus Cherry Guitar Chair

Wood Species & Dimensions

The carved seat and back promote an ergonomic, upright posture which both reinforces the lumbar curve of your lower back and sits below the shoulder blades. Built to a custom height, Sonus Guitar Chair also promote circulation by placing legs at a comfortable angle. And the Sonus musician’s chair is not just for guitar players. Banjo, mandolin, and dulcimer players alike will also experience profound comfort.

  • Height: Varies
  • Width: 20 inches
  • Depth: 21.5 inches

Back & seat options

Leg support options


Sustainably managed regional forests provide the majority of our hardwoods with our Honduran mahogany being supplied directly from Honduras through an association with Madera Verde and Greenwood, non-profit organizations. Our regional hardwood may also come from urban harvest due to storm fall or other natural events, or even the occasional tree from property owned by one of our craftsmen.


How strong is the Sonus chair?

In armless chairs, stress concentrates where the seat and back connect. Our answer to that challenge is the pinwheel joint. Each part is mortised and tenoned to allow as much interlocking fiber as possible between the stressed members. Tests in our shop have demonstrated this joint’s phenomenal strength. In addition, the rear frame of the Sonus joins the carved back and seat with long tapered dovetails precision-fitted to lock tight just as the parts land in their final position. These hidden marvels of unique joinery allow not only for a very clean appearance, but an extremely strong bond between the parts.

How long will it take for me to receive my Sonus chair?

Currently, the delivery time is five to six months from placement of your order.

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