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“I love, love, love mine!!! Thank you so much for this amazing piece of art/furniture!!!! It is so comfortable. Thank you Brian and Melanie!!!”


Sunniva Swing

“We’ve had our two Sunniva rocking chairs now for about 9 months. They are our favorite chairs because they are so incredibly comfortable, as is (no cushions)! The height is perfect, the lumbar support is ‘just right’, and they have a good balance when rocking. We have a set of cushioned chairs we had bought, but everyone prefers to sit in the Sunniva chairs because they are so much more comfortable! The chairs sit on our outside screened porch year round and get sun on them each day. The finish and color still look like new and the recent 14 degree weather has no effect on the chairs. Thanks for designing and making such a great chair. Highly recommended!

Diane and Paul Zimmerman

Sunniva Rocking Chairs

“We love our outdoor living spaces, and the walnut chairs and table have made them significantly more enjoyable. They look so beautifully natural in this deeply wooded setting. They are amazingly comfortable, clearly designed by somebody who understand the human body. They are also very low maintenance, weathering well, which completes the sense of relaxation they provide.”


Sunniva Arm Chairs

“We continue to be delighted with our lovely swing . . . It glides so effortlessly . . . floating is perhaps the better word. Additionally, it is very handsome in the garden, relaxing to look at, as well as use!”


Sunniva Swing

“Our Sunniva chairs are elegant sculptures which cradle us in exquisite comfort. From the perfectly crafted lumbar support to the ergonomically responsive angles on the arm ends, we couldn’t ask for better. And we aren’t alone in feeling this way – every friend who has been able to “unseat” us responds with a heartfelt sigh. In our small, green home, where we prioritized choices which demonstrated beautifully crafted performance, Brian’s Sunniva chairs are a slam dunk.”


Sunniva Arm Chairs

“Mine just came in. Simply beautiful!”

Billy W.

Sunniva Cocktail Table

“We are on the porch with family right now and the swing is front and center. It is so beautiful, and comfortable and swingable! We just love it and the story(ies) behind it and every piece of your furniture. Looking forward to our next meeting and thanking Brian for his creativity and care in crafting every furniture piece out of the studio.”

Jan Chubb

Sunniva Swing

“Our Sunniva chairs have definitely found their spot in our timber frame pergola, which overlooks a koi pond. After several months outside, there’s no question they will hold up to the weather, and as with all Brian’s chairs they are ergonomically perfect. We’ve already enjoyed many hours with friends sitting in solid comfort and enjoying prosecco as we watch the setting sun. Did I mention how beautiful they are?”


Sunniva Arm Chairs

“Love my Sunniva dining set: beautiful, graceful, practical. I get tons of compliments on it & love sharing it with friends & family when we entertain.”

Eileen Sirkin

Sunniva Dining Chairs & Table

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