Our Sunniva outdoor furniture brings sophisticated comfort to outdoor spaces. Constructed from sustainably managed old-growth Honduran mahogany, this furniture uses stop-cut laminations to create remarkable lumbar support in the chairs. Stainless steel bands on the arm chairs allow the elegant curve to better support your back while keeping the profile as slim as possible. The double tenoned and fully housed joinery effectively waterproofs and seals our joints. Finally, all of our outdoor furniture sits on recycled rubber feet which elevates the wood from the ground and seals it from ground moisture.

Solid Wood Outdoor Dining Set Bottom View


With rhythmic precision, our swing combines elite design, comfort, and elegance. In our world, structural integrity is not just a saying, it’s a deliberate process.

Winner of the International A ‘ Design Award in 2016.

Sunniva Outdoor Swing View
Sunniva Outdoor Armchair with Front and Back View

Arm Chair

Our arm chair is meticulously crafted with a masterful combination of classical and contemporary influences. Mix and match rockers and arm chairs to create your perfect outdoor setting.

Rocking Chair

Rockers evoke memories and promote true relaxation. Lean your head back and let our comfort curves gracefully rock you away. No need for cushions with this outdoor line. The comfort is built in.

Sunniva Outdoor Rocking Chair
Sunniva Outdoor Dining Chair Collection

Dining Chair

Our dining chairs provide uncompromised comfort and engineering for a life time of enjoyment. Open air styling with an elegant modern appeal will dress up any outdoor dining experience.


Have a special nook in your garden? Our Sunniva settee is the perfect artful interpretation of a bench for those quiet moments or for more imitate conversations. Every board highlights the beauty of mahogany and is strategically designed for supreme comfort without the need for cushions.

CIO Sunniva Outdoor Settee

Cocktail Table

Our round outdoor cocktail table slides easily into any outdoor destination. With the ample space provided, add a splash of color with a vase of flowers or bring out an appetizer platter to join your cocktails without crowding them. Hidden bevels combine with the slatted surface to sluice water away from the furniture for quick recovery after a rainstorm.

Dining Table

With a grace that belies its strength, this table carries elegance into your outdoor destination.
Sunniva Solid Wood Outdoor Dining Set



Honduran mahogany, also known as “genuine mahogany,” arrives a deep reddish brown. Exposure to the elements over the years reveals an exquisite silvery-gray that stays soft to the touch even after a rain. Move the slider back and forth to reveal the appearance with and without weathering. 

Sunniva Square Dining Table Weathered WEATHERED
Sunniva Square Dining Table Weathered NEW

Outdoor Furniture Care

Our goal is to have our furniture last long enough to grow the next generation of trees and for each piece to retain its beauty throughout its lifetime. We are all part of nature’s cycles, and celebrating that connection is at the heart of Sunniva design.

To help extend your relationship with Sunniva, we want to remind you of the importance of proper storage and regular care.


The color of your chairs and tables will change with exposure to the elements. This natural process creates a beautiful silvery-gray patina. Some of our clients can’t wait for their pieces to turn gray so that they blend into the environment and others favor the unique reddish color of the mahogany. This is a personal choice and, with either preference, caring for your pieces will support their lifespan.

Fortunately, caring for them is quite simple. Our outdoor collection is designed to be rugged, but understanding the environmental factors that affect your piece is important.

Placing the furniture in full sun will cause it to acquire its silvery patina more quickly. If your piece receives only partial sunlight, it may age unevenly.

Wind is another factor to consider. Strong winds may knock over your furniture; large pieces like a swing will catch the wind even more. It’s a good idea to anchor your swing or move it if you’re expecting high winds. During storms, anything untethered is at risk of damage.

As your pieces age, they will lose natural oils on the surface. These oils help the impermeability of the wood. Cleaning and applying oil once a year, along with covering them when not in use, will slow down that loss. Brian Boggs Chairmakers also offers custom covers for your convenience.

Honduran mahogany, also known as “genuine mahogany,” arrives a deep reddish brown. Exposure to the elements over the years reveals an exquisite silvery-gray that stays soft to the touch even after a rain.

Maintaining Water Resistance

Our chairs are designed to shed water. In addition, we saw our lumber radially (or quartersaw) so that the wood is less prone to cracking.

Structurally designed to resist Mother Nature for years even without much care, Sunniva furniture will still need your help once or twice a year depending on your climate.

The Materials
Brush or rag for applying cleaner
Penofin 1st Step Prep Powder
Penofin Outdoor Oil Finish

The Process

Apply First-Step Prep: Pour one to two cups of Penofin 1st Step Prep powder into one gallon of clean water and mix. Using a sprayer, brush or rag, apply the solution liberally. Allow to set for 10-15 minutes, and gently rub with a coarse cloth. Rinse off thoroughly.
Any cleaner you leave will impact the finish quality. Thoroughly wipe the water off the piece with dry rags to speed up drying and help remove any residue.

Allow the wood to dry overnight or longer before oiling.

Apply Penofin Outdoor Oil Finish: After the furniture has dried, check all the screws and gently tighten any that have loosened. Before and during application, stir the Penofin. For optimum performance, apply the stain at room temperature. Wood should not be hot to the touch or below 45°F. Apply a moderate coat using a brush, stain pad, or plastic pump sprayer.

Allow Penofin 20-30 minutes to penetrate into the wood. After 20-30 minutes, wipe the surface thoroughly with clean lint-free cloths to remove any excess finish.

Penofin is a penetrating finish and is not a surface coating. Failure to wipe allows the oil to dry on the surface of the wood and results in a tacky finish.

After thoroughly wiping off excess finish, simply allow your chair time to dry overnight before using.

Our Tips

Always wear rubber gloves, eye protection and solid shoes when applying. Surface will be slippery.

Do not inhale powder or fumes. Be sure to work outdoors or in a well-ventilated space.
Soak any oil wiping cloths in a bucket of water to avoid the possibility of spontaneous combustion.

This finish should be reapplied every 6 months for the first two years to keep the chairs looking their best.

Storing the chairs under a roof for the off season will prolong their best looking years, or you may purchase covers. Custom covers are available through Brian Boggs Chairmakers, Inc.

For the metal bands that support the backs, we use stainless steel that will never rust. Should the metal look dull, it will quickly look new again after buffing with 0000 steel wool.

We have worked hard for these chairs to serve you well, and we want you to enjoy them!

If you have any further questions about their care, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Our Sunniva outdoor line is constructed of old-growth Honduran mahogany, sustainably sourced through a partnership with Greenwood and Madera Verde, sister non-profit organizations working out of Latin America. The wood purchased through this collaboration comes from a trio of sawyer cooperatives who select and hand-harvest three to four mahogany trees each year. Since the Honduran market can’t support the cost of sustainable management, the international market makes these products profitable, which in turn allows this section of rainforest to escape clearcutting which is used to make way for the cattle industry. With the support of us and American luthiers creating an economic base, this section of rainforest remains preserved for future generations.


How long will it take to receive my new Sunniva furniture?

Currently, delivery is two to three months from the placement of your order.

What is the advantage of mahogany?

Mahogany has been used to build ships for centuries, supporting its use as a perfect wood to use for outdoor furniture. Additionally, the soft finish allows for natural weathering which allows the wood to remain soft to the touch even after a rain.

Are the curves created through steam bending or bent lamination?

The curves in these pieces are created through bent lamination. Our craftsmen use a special epoxy to bond the laminations and then insert them into a special press which molds them into shape. Once the epoxy has completed its drying process, the curves remain to support your body in sophisticated comfort.
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