Every chair we make goes so far beyond what you would expect from a wooden chair that we know you will be happy with any choice.It is our goal that you have a chair that fits your body overall, performs beautifully for you, and looks perfect in its environment.

Species of Wood


Sonus in Curly MapleNot a species in its own right, curly indicates any sort of maple that has grown in a way that produces a gorgeous, shimmering tiger-stripe pattern. The striping plays under the light as you move around it, an effect known as chatoyance from the French for cats eye.

We all know how beautiful curly maple can be and it has a special place in the hearts of instrument lovers. That is why we want to include this is our selection. The species here is red maple (acer rubrum) and weighs much less than sugar or rock maple.

The wood we use here is typically flat sawn due to the size of the trees available, so you will see oval growth patterns among the curl instead of the straight line grain you see in the spruce. Curly maple is an elegant, beautiful wood and a classic choice for instrument lovers.

Curly Maple


Sonus – Ambrosia Maple with Walnut Legs The pattern of ambrosia maple forms after the ambrosia beetle lays its eggs in the wood of the living tree. When it drills a hole into the wood to lay its eggs it infects the wood with fungal spores, staining the wood around it.

Unlike the grain patterns created by the tree’s growth such as curl or growth ring patterns, insect activity is unpredictable. We select wood and match as best we can for compatibility, but perfect symmetry is not an option.

If this wildness and asymmetry appeals to you, it is possible to visit our shop, where you can personally select the material for your piece. Be sure to call ahead and set up an appointment, or we can also facilitate your choice with digital images.

Ambrosia Maple


Sunniva Armchair in Mahogany Rich, warm, and exotic, mahogany is a tropical wood originating in many countries (ours is sustainably sourced in Honduras). When exposed to the elements, mahogany silvers into an elegant gray patina. Indoors, it retains its pleasant ruddy orange-brown hue.

Our mahogany story is one that ties directly to the luthier’s trade and to my own 20-year history of training craftsmen in Honduras. Sustainability is a core value to us so how we source such a precious resource is extremely important. I personally traveled to Honduras and took a tough 7-hour mule ride to the forest to see exactly where these trees are taken from. I wanted to be sure of the quality of the material and of the forest management practices followed in its harvesting.



Cherry is a premium hardwood that has been prized in furniture making for ages for its natural sheen and beautiful grain. Cherry is also known for its distinctively beautiful red color, which can really warm up a room or accent the use of other woods. In fact, new cherry pieces have a light golden tone which shifts gradually to a rich red-brown as the wood is exposed to light.

We source our cherry and walnut locally. As much as we can, we use trees that have been taken down right here in town. Sometimes it is due to storm damage, but often a tree just outgrows its location and needs to come down. We do our best to give these trees a second life as a beautiful, durable piece of furniture that will last for generations.



Custom Walnut Hall Table is another strong, durable hardwood long used in furniture making and well-known by even amateur lovers of fine craftsmanship due to its popularity and ease of sourcing. Its grain is generally straight, although it becomes wavy toward the roots. The color of walnut can vary dramatically, from light to very dark brown. The middle of the walnut tree produces the darker wood and the outer layer of the tree, just beneath the bark, produces the lighter wood.

Like cherry, walnut also changes in color as it ages, albeit in the opposite fashion. While cherry grows darker with exposure to light, walnut gradually lightens overall, with the lighter sections taking on blonde tones that perfectly complement darker sections.



We have a number of uniquely beautiful slabs in walnut and maple, which are available to be made into custom slab tables for your home or office.

Slab inventory is especially subject to supply and demand. Contact us or come by the shop to discuss how we can help build your dream table.