In our shop, wood is a medium with beautiful grain patterns that create luxurious art. The attention we give to unveiling the material beauty of the wood makes our work stand out from the usual furniture options. In large-scale manufacturing, wood is simply a material to be mechanically cut to size and shape.

The price of handmade furniture is based largely on the complexity of the design. More complex designs take longer to build. There’s also the value of hand formed shapes, finely wrought details and hand-rubbed finishes.

Our joinery is outstandingly complex. Although our commitment to precision adds very little to the cost of production, everything we make is engineered for phenomenal durability and will last for generations.

Each piece is signed, numbered and registered to the client. We have been making furniture long enough now that we occasionally see our work turn up at auctions. Over time, it not only holds its value but often even increases in worth.