Brian Boggs Chairmakers in Asheville NC Is One of the Finalists for the 2014 NICHE Awards with Its Lily Chair

Designing chairs since 1983, Brian Boggs has become an internationally respected chair maker and artist, based in Asheville, NC. A natural talent for design and an enthusiasm for producing world-class handmade furniture, earned Brian the attention of the NICHE Awards this year.

The NICHE Awards, which began in 1989, was created to celebrate artists within the fine craft industry throughout the U.S. and Canada. The NICHE Awards receive nearly 2000 entries each year and is highly regarded within the fine craft sector and beyond. Brian Boggs awarded with the best lily chair design.

“To be one of the finalists of the 2014 NICHE Awards is truly an honor, just being part of this prestigious award process has been thoroughly enjoyable, I love to connect with like-minded peers and to have a platform where we can display some of our most treasured work,” says Brian Boggs, co-founder of Brian Boggs Chairmakers.

When you visit the Brian Boggs website, you immediately see that this is no ordinary furniture. The shop is located near the River Arts District off Amboy road in Asheville North Carolina. Influenced by tradition yet contemporary in form, each Brian Boggs piece is designed for connoisseurs of fine furniture and lily chair. Each piece is a work of art, yet functionality and ergonomics are never compromised. No matter how beautiful a chair may be, it must be comfortable and strong.

Brian only uses lumber that has been hand-selected and custom sawn specifically to his exacting criteria. These high-quality materials are an integral part of how Brian produces world-class furniture for the market place.

The judges for the 2014 award included: Erin Fergusson, of Uncommon Goods; Michael Higdon, the National Building Museum Shop Manager; Dana Singer, former Executive Director of SNAG; the Real Mother Goose Gallery owners, and Judy Gillis.

According to Hope Daniels, editorial director of NICHE magazine, “The professionals inspire us with their technical mastery and their understanding of the role of craft in shaping culture.” In addition to being nominated, artists are invited to display their work in the NICHE Awards Finalist Gallery at the Buyers Market in Philadelphia.

The Buyers Market of American Craft is the nation’s largest wholesale fine craft tradeshow, artists get the opportunity to meet qualified buyers representing independent stores that sell a range of items including gifts, jewelry and home furnishings.

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