Discovering Your Inspired Living Space

Three Lily Mahogany Bar Stools
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Inspiration doesn’t just come through the eyes. You hear it in the round sound of a voice, echoing through a concert hall. You taste it in a Chateauneuf du Pape, full of dark berries with a spicy edge and a tinge of the dirt where the grapes were grown. You feel it as your body relaxes into the secure curves of a finely designed chair.

Inspiration surrounds us and penetrates every level of our being. Creating an inspiring living space means intentionally cultivating our surroundings – not solely through beautiful objects, but through every one of our senses.

Ask yourself,

“What makes my inspired living space?”


Perhaps you delight in sublime floral arrangements.

Three Lily Mahogany Bar Stools
Add handmade wooden furniture to your kitchen with Lily bar stools.

And some want a professional space, ready for practice.

Sonus Chair for Living Space
The Sonus guitar chair settled in a studio.

Or the wild rim of a tree, finished like silk, balanced on four feet for your dining pleasure.

Lily Live Edge Mattingly
This live edge table adds grace to the space through the elegant legs of the Lily base.

When you construct your inspired living space deliberately, you settle only for the perfect objects to fill it. Flipping through a magazine, you discover a whimsical wallpaper pattern. While watching an old movie, you realize that a vintage radio will add just the right touch. And, one day, you stumble across the Grand Lily arm chair while combing the internet for a comfortable wooden dining chair.

(Because your bottom can’t take one more dinner party in those stylish but hard chairs! As a client recently exclaimed over the phone, “It’s not just a piece of art; it’s comfortable too!”)

How We Can Help You

Just as a wine maker tweaks the blend, making changes to a vintage which won’t be fully experienced for decades, Brian Boggs plans for your experience as he makes each tweak to his custom furniture designs. Your experience informs him as much as the history of furniture, woodworkers’ techniques, and the knowledge of the masters. With an eye to that history, he creates twists on tradition which serve the human body while creating a timeless look. The form brings a smile to the soul, both through the comfort experienced and the beauty, whether viewed across the room or gazing into each detail.

His commitment to excellence in each piece shows through the engineering necessary to build this furniture of uncompromising quality. The fine craftsmanship needed to create each piece, from the selection of the wood to the final manifestation of the furniture, is a finely balanced combination of efficiency and skill.

Your choice to invest in our furniture inspires us to dedicate ourselves to the beauty of our art and the practice of our craft once again.

So, this is our love note to all of you – our fabulous clients and clients-to-be. Thank you for the inspiration, and we hope we inspire you in turn.

♥ All of us at Brian Boggs Chairmakers

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