Enlightened Connoisseurs Understand: The Details

Ever hear someone say, “I can’t explain it. I just love visiting her house. It’s so comfortable. It’s so beautiful. I don’t know how she does it.”


Your fabulous friend with the greatest place with that relaxing vibe and beauty everywhere you look?

She makes sure to have a bottle of sauvignon blanc chilled for Jane (who only drinks white wine) even though everyone else will be enjoying Pinot Noir on this brisk October evening.

She artfully arranges autumn leaves gathered on a neighborhood walk around a candle on the kitchen bar. The details make the difference between something nice and something FABULOUS!

If your first thought is, “I don’t have time for details,” fear not! The most time-consuming part of adding those special details to your space comes at the beginning when you are selecting your furniture. Great furniture gives your space “good bones,” the structure which forms the foundation of your space. Once you have these “good bones” in place, incorporating little details takes no more time than clearing off your coffee table for your next party (and I do that with a sweep of my arm and a closed-eye fling of the pile into my study).

For example, picking a simple backless bar stool may seem easy. However, finding the perfect backless bar stool takes a moment of consideration.

RAD Bar Stool

Take the example of our RAD backless bar stool.

bar stools for kitchen

Looks simple, but….

The curve in the seat of the stool pushes your body into a more upright posture, supporting your back as you relax with your glass of wine. Chamfers allow room for your legs to drape painlessly over the side whether sitting straight on or straddling the stool. Double tenoned joints lend strength to the piece, leading to decades of support for you and your guests.

All of these details lend comfort, value and beauty to this humble backless barstool.

Once you have that piece in place, you only need to snag a few autumn leaves on your daily walk or pick up some tasteful gourds during your regular grocery shopping to add that perfect autumnal detail to your bar for your next wine tasting.

So let’s raise our glasses to talking with your best friends until the wee hours of Saturday night!

…And to the details that make that moment possible.

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