Family Dog enter into Brian Boggs Family

If you visited the Brian Boggs Chairmakers workshop in the last couple of years, you’ve probably met River. He’s a gregarious fellow, a cream-colored Goldendoodle with love in his heart. However, all the grownups in the shop are BORING for dogs (after all, we can’t play ball all the time). River needed a doggie playmate!

Blue in Crate - Brian Boggs Chairmakers

Thus, after much deliberation, Brian and Melanie added Blue to their family. Blue is a black Goldendoodle with a dusting of silvery grey across his brow, reminiscent of the mahogany after aging in the sunlight. It’s possible he will turn that color all over. (Perhaps they should have called him “Mahogany.”)

Blue is all of three months old, tumbling over himself to play with his new big brother, River. So far, they are having a ball!

When visiting the workshop, you will quickly see the two dogs at the door. River barks and wags his tail while Blue looks on attentively. We’re all hoping that he won’t follow River’s guidance with the barking. Come on in! The barking dog only wishes to love on you, giving snuggles in return for pats on the head.

Brian and Melanie picked Goldendoodles family dog for their hypoallergenic quality, as Brian is allergic to dogs. While no dog can be completely hypoallergenic, these two pups don’t shed. Shedding is how the dander (which is the part of the dog which causes the allergic reaction) gets into your home. If you think of how your dog or cat leaves a little piece of itself behind, then you know how pet hair quickly pervades an environment. With non-shedding dogs, we have no problems with that issue here!

RB Breakfast Time - Brian Boggs Chairmakers

Along with their affable personalities, these two pups are very trainable. The river is allowed to roam the grounds here at Brian Boggs Chairmakers. He learned some time ago that he is not allowed to go out the gate. Even when we throw the ball and it goes zipping out the gate and down the hill, he will run to the edge of the property and just stand, looking back at us as if chiding us for our stupidity. Which he should be.

RB Parking Lot - Brian Boggs Chairmakers

I look forward to getting the same sort of looks from Blue, the darling little newbie family dog. So far he has learned his name with lightning speed. His learning of new commands is progressing a little slower, and his little puppy teeth are exploring everything within reach right now.

Melanie Blue - Brian Boggs Chairmakers
Brian Blue - Brian Boggs Chairmakers

Welcome to the Brian Boggs family, Blue!

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