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What would you say is your most important instrument? Is it your Fender, your Martin, your Gretsch?

We say no.

We say your most important instrument is You. Your body, to be exact.

And that is where our Sonus guitar chair comes in. This chair supports your body as you play, holding you steady through long hours of practice. Through this support, you can retain your ability to play for years longer than you might expect, avoiding the discomfort which can curtail your guitar playing.

The round back offers lumbar support with the full freedom of movement for your guitar, arms, and elbows.

The musician chairs encourage an upright posture to enable diaphragmatic breathing.

A deep carved seat uniformly supports thighs and posterior while allowing ample circulation.

Thick leather feet protect the floor and remain silent during recording.

Paul Neumiller (Dream Guitar)

When Paul Neumiller from Dream Guitars about designing a beautiful guitar chair that would complement the caliber of guitars he sells, Brian began his research. He started with deep discussions with Paul about what guitars players wanted and needed. Then, he took into account the human body and the movements necessary to play an instrument. He carved out the seat to create a dish to support your pelvis. He set the angle of the legs so your body is balanced from back to front, and tilted the seat forward just enough so you can sit back in the musician chairs and allow your back to be supported while still playing guitar naturally. The back holds you steady and stays out of your way as you play – no matter how hard you are rocking!

philen with sonus guitar chair - Brian Boggs Chairmakers

While some of our clients search for this assistance from the Sonus guitar chair, others discover this fringe benefit shortly after receiving their chair. Kind words from both types follow.

“I played my guitar with no discomfort for the first time in years!” – Dan Cook

“Upon sitting in this fine piece of workmanship (gorgeous!) I found, like others, my posture was much better, the small of the back was properly supported, and of course, with a custom leg length, the height was perfect. The thick maple with body-shaped contours is extremely comfortable, and I find that I can play for hours without the discomfort I previously dreaded.” – Tony Horlor

“Spent some time playing guitar yesterday with my new Sonus chair and I have to say, I have NEVER been more comfortable while playing!” – Sara Kramer

So you see, all of these factors combine to support your most important instrument of all: You.

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