40 Years of Love

As we move into a modest month undeniably marked at its center with love, we felt inspired to focus this newsletter on love and gratitude. For we too function with love at our center and are grateful every day for those who fuel our passion to create.
We hold a strong belief that things made with love convey something more than being mere objects. That love can be seen and felt in the innumerable thought-filled decisions executed in a thing’s creation. We see evidence of that love reflected in every encounter people have with our work and in the testimonials our customers send us.

Elaine's Herron Arm Chair by Brian Boggs“My Heron arm-chair is a work of art, both visually and tactilely. It has a dignity, that obviously comes from the love, respect, and skill that Brian put into the creation of this chair. The fluidity of its lines and structure lends to a continuity of the wood.

t is so pleasing to look at AND so comfortable to sit in. I sit in my armchair for hours, reading or thinking or just looking out the window at the birds, without having to constantly move, wiggle, or shift around in the seat. I forget I have a body when I’m in this arm-chair, there are no pressure points! I’m under five feet tall and had been uncomfortable in chairs for all of my long adult life, sitting mostly, on the floor. Not anymore! The change is profound. This chair holds an honored place in my life. It is my chair of contentment; I am at peace when sitting in it. And I’m so grateful to Brian and Melanie for the quality of communication and service from beginning to end. I can’t wait to talk to you about a desk & chair!” – Elaine

Bill Ferrara's Sonus Chair
“She’s quite a work of art and an absolute joy to play in. Sent along a few pics of the musical family with their new sibling. Thanks again for the beautiful addition to the home.” – Bill Ferrara
“Our Sunniva chairs are elegant sculptures which cradle us in exquisite comfort. From the perfectly crafted lumbar support to the ergonomically responsive angles on the arm ends, we couldn’t ask for better. ” – Jane
Jane's Sunniva
Marie's Chair
“When I first saw a Lily dining chair, I was taken with its elegant lines and beautiful craftsmanship. It looked as much like a sculpture as a chair. Years of sitting in uncomfortable chairs, shifting or perching on the edge, left me with the assumption that dining chairs are inherently uncomfortable. But actually sitting in the Lily chair changed my relationship with chairs forever. It is incredibly comfortable and made for lingering at the table. To find a chair that is so comfortable for people of all shapes and sizes is amazing. To find one that is also so beautifully made, strong and elegant, with a deep appreciation for the grain and beauty of the wood is extraordinary. It is a joy to have Lily chairs in my home and a pleasure to sit in them every day.” – Marie
Crescent Table and Grand Lily Chairs

Over the past two years with Covid, we have seen more setbacks and related complications of getting things done than we had in the past decade. The love and patience we have received from our patrons have been blessings and for that, we are forever grateful.

It is important that each of us practice love and gratitude for it is what keeps us all buoyant.  The truth being that even the smallest of gestures radiates.

We are very happy we found each other! Big hugs to all of you!

With Love,

Brian and Melanie

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