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Fall is in full swing in our neck of the woods, which means we are up to our elbows in sawdust, shavings, and gorgeous merlot colored leaves that drift into our shop garage door. With the cooler weather, comes thoughts of family and friends joining around dining tables, sitting in rockers in front of roaring fireplaces, and shopping for the perfect gift. We’re thankful to know that our collectors will be utilizing our pieces during these special moments.

As you read last month, we had a very busy schedule packed with custom pieces for Japan, an awards ceremony, and finalizing our plans for the WestEdge design fair. Looking back, some of our favorite moments included hearing from happy new clients, playing cornhole with our crew in celebration of their milestones, and getting many pieces to their forever homes.

As we look forward to the next few weeks, we’re going to enjoy as much time as possible with our loved ones, and we hope that you do the same.

Pinnacle Awards 23 Brian and Melanie Boggs - Brian Boggs Chairmakers


We had a fantastic time at the Pinnacle Awards. While we did not win, we were so proud to be finalists in two categories and we are already thinking about new products to showcase next year.

Cheers to a wonderful November!

-Brian and Melanie

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When we spoke to you last, this table was only an approved model, and the wood species for the Cio rocker had just been selected. As of last week, both of these items were finished and are shipping out to Japan by the end of this week.

The entire team had a lot of fun during the build of the table, and we already have a few different iterations in mind for our next client whom is in the market for something similar.

RBP231024 BB 14 - Brian Boggs Chairmakers
Detail of tabletop

We were thrilled when the designer selected the combination of walnut and ambrosia, as it is one of our favorites. Each and every curve in the design is highlighted by the striking way that the deep hues of the walnut play with the lighter tones in the ambrosia. Seeing this in person, is an extra special experience because the multiple shades of grey in the ambrosia ends up dancing in the sunlight like the shell of an oyster or abalone.



Thank you to everyone who made purchases from our inventory offer! We have moved through much of the inventory that was listed, but we still have some options for anyone who has been waiting to make the jump. If any of the items listed below speak to you, email us at info@brianboggschairmakers.com.

Also, we included a few extra all walnut in our latest Sonus run that we have began, and those can also be shipped out for a December or January delivery.

  • 10 x Plain Maple Classic Lily – $1,900 each with cherry or black legs. Walnut legs + $100
  • 10 x Cherry Grand Lily Side Chair – $2,653 each with cherry or black legs. Walnut legs + $100
  • 5 x Cherry Grand Lily Armchair – $2,462 with cherry or black legs. Walnut legs + $100


Over in the land of Boggs Bench, we have launched our new logo and t-shirts in anticipation of reaching 100k on our IG page – a milestone that we never imagined we would be hitting.

These shirts come in two designs, and two colors. We made sure to include something for all of the woodworkers with “BANDSAW LOVE” emblazoned on the blue t-shirt, and something that speaks to both woodworkers and wooden furniture collectors alike with “DEEP IN THE WOODS” on the grey.

As a thank you, use the code: IG100K for 30% off of our new t-shirts.

Sizes S-XL $20 and Size 2XL $25. Domestic shipping + handling is included. International shipping will be estimated after purchase. One discount per customer. Valid for the first 100 customers.

1400 X 425 blue bar - Brian Boggs Chairmakers


We have made our final decisions on what pieces will be joining us in our booth at this month’s WestEdge Design Fair in Santa Monica, and we are so excited to be introducing you all to a few new items, as well as a re-design of one of our favorites.  

We still have a select number of day passes, as well as VIP opening night tickets. Email us at info@brianboggschairmakers.com to learn more.

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