Custom Occasional Tables

A lot of what we make here at our shop we build using tried and tested methods developed over years. I love the flow of work when it is well thought out like that.

Then we get the occasional request for site specific designs for which we might not have any precedent. The trio of tables for the Roberts’ home shown here exemplify the latest of this work. We started this effort with a lengthy site visit to get a sense of the space and the flow of traffic the tables will define. Then I wanted to look at the lines of the architectural details that might come into play.

We talked about how these tables would function, whether they are partially storage units, and what degree of artistic expression did they have in mind (traditional vs original). The Roberts have a home full of fine art and these tables were to hold their own amid their collections of paintings, fine art glass, and refined architecture. I was delighted to be part of this vision of living with art. I am happy to lean on traditional directives or contemporary trends as a client directs, but having the license to create freely while heeding the vibe of the space energizes my creativity in a fun way.

Custom occasional table made with quartersawn walnut

The tables that resulted from this visit and the conversations we have had with the Roberts serve as great examples of what can happen when a client and artist find common ground. Each of the tables uses quartersawn walnut in a sunburst pattern to direct the eye across the room. The end table and trapezoid table have fixed positions in the space so their directive is consistent. The coffee table can change the feel of the space depending on how it gets positioned. They all use their curved edges to soften the traffic patterns around the room.

front view of a custom occasional table - Brian Boggs Chairmakers

The sculptural openings give a playful expression to the bases of the coffee table and trapezoid table and tie the designs together. Those openings also relate to an art piece yet to be built that will stand off the stone wall behind the sofa. Plenty more fun ahead!

While this particular design series grew from a very site-specific conversation, I think this table series can work well in lots of spaces. Wood choices and dimensions can vary to change the personalities of the pieces and fit them perfectly into your space or that of a friend. We’d love to hear what you think!

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