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As a result of the sudden rattling of this game called Life, the world’s workforce is experiencing a great reorganization.  Each of us is reassessing our priorities to determine where and how we would like to resettle.  These days, employers offer flexibility; admitting, a worker’s wellbeing is critical to their performance.

For those who choose to work from home, we say commit!  Resist the beckon of the bed, sofa, or other makeshift offices. Create instead, a dedicated think-space. Call it an altar for mental dexterity.  For a well-designed space exercises motivation, poise, and focus; practices that most often result in accomplishment.  In fact, one might find both professional and personal pursuits benefitting from such a space.

Lily Desk - A Personal Workspace

A home workspace doesn’t need to be drab. Consider a setting that is both elegant and inspiring.  One that invites you to match its beauty with your effort.  With arching lines, luminous hardwoods, and cantilevered mystique, our Lily Desk is a perfect example of such a place.

Lily Desk - Home Work Desk

A writing desk with a minimalist footprint, the Lily Desk enhances any room it inhabits. In a dining room, it can double as an impromptu sideboard. In the bedroom, as a vanity. Its compact size allows it to be tucked into a foyer or the corner of a kitchen.

Lily Desk as an Impromptu Sideboard

Wherever you create your think-space, Lily Desk is certain to keep you pleasantly on task. While its lovely companion Lily Chair supports you in comfort.

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