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While I got my start in life in western North Carolina, much of my growing up took place in central Kentucky, Bourbon country.  My early years working with horses and cutting tobacco flavor much of my perspective even today.  Bourbon coursed through the culture there even though in my youth 90 out of Kentucky’s 120 counties were dry.  Like many craft beverage companies, fine bourbon distillers have taken a more elevated status worldwide in recent decades. Many of our clients enjoy the best my home turf puts out.  It seems perfectly fitting to celebrate the fine craft of great bourbons with one of the finest cabinets we have put together.  It also seems appropriate to have my brother, Boyd, help refine the design and do the actual building.  Boyd and I have both dedicated decades to mastering our craft, and more than a few years refining our taste for fine Kentucky spirits.  

The initial idea for this particular piece came while sipping one of those fine Kentucky bourbons at our client’s house and staring at an empty wall imagining how to appropriately showcase his bourbon collection and our craft.  When he waved his hand toward the space, I got this nearly complete vision of the bar in the photo here.  Little did I know it would take months to develop the concept, 1500 + pieces of wood, and hundreds of hours to make.  What remained clear through the whole process was that the complexity was underestimated, but it was going to change our customer’s experience of happy hour….forever.

With whiskey weather right around the corner, how do you house your spirits? This bar may be customized for any collection, no matter how eclectic. You can reach us at (828)398-9701 with any questions.

Raise a glass! It’s 5:00 somewhere!

Click here for more information on our new Spirits Bar.

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