Magical Dining

When I think of the most magical dining experiences in my life, the same four come to mind every time. A 1977 feast in southern France with my girlfriend in a 500-year-old log cabin, a dinner with friends in New York’s Chelsea Bistro, a surprising meal at a tire repair and café dive in the Peruvian Amazon, and several here at home with family. They all centered around fantastic food prepared with a passion for cooking, good company, and a perfect setting for the moment to unfold.

Being able to create those experiences at home is priceless. While you control the guest list and the menu, we provide the setting for magical dining experiences.

For this particular setting, we paired this unusually stunning dining table with a set of chairs bound for Chicago. The buttery faces of the Grand Lily chair backs frame the table, applauding the dazzling show of grain on the top.

Lily Chairs

Whether this powerful display of grain is your cup of tea or you prefer a calmer surface to ease your way into a dining seat, we’d love the challenge of creating a setting tailored to your personality.

Changing your experience of being in your home is our goal in any furniture project. Clients regularly tell us about the pleasure our furniture has brought into their interior spaces. These stories, more than anything else, make our efforts worthwhile. While we make chairs for sitting and tables to put the food on, the forms of our furniture assist you in creating the perfect setting for the magic to unfold.

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