The Gift of the Lily Desk

One of our clients, who is also a woodworker, approached us this past December about building two of our Lily desks for their 50th Anniversary. Here’s his story.

“In late 2020, my wife wanted a new desk for her computer and asked me to build one. After several false starts on a design, I had progressed only to the point of a representative sketch when we also discussed rearranging our den, and she wanted the desk in there rather than her sewing room.  I then thought about replacing my desk, which is a completely different style than what I was envisioning for her.

“About that time, I got one of your periodic newsletters and, looking across the den at the Cio rocker we received right before the 2020 COVID lockdown, came up with a new plan.  We both like the looks and size of the Lily desk so I asked if she would like one for a 50th anniversary (August 2021) present.  She readily agreed and it didn’t take much more discussion to add another desk for me and Lily chairs to accompany them.

“We anticipate getting the desks and chairs before leaving for the summer, so can enjoy our anniversary presents even though we won’t be here in August.”

Lily Desk

As with so many others, this past year has changed the way this couple is working and living. Like his wife, we crave the connection which comes with working in communal spaces like our living room. But our living environment, unlike our offices, needs a special look. We want our homes to be beautiful, to fill our hearts with joy.

Her Drawer Open - Brian Boggs Chairmakers

Our living spaces transform with the addition of pieces like the Lily desk. Natural wood softens the look of this piece, as does the curved base and the cantilevered desk surface. This desk performs its prescribed task as a desk and then, with your working necessities tucked away, becomes a stunning addition to your living area.

His Drawer Open - Brian Boggs Chairmakers

In a dining room, it can double as an impromptu sideboard. In the bedroom, a vanity. With their compact size, they can be tucked into the foyer or the corner of a kitchen.

So, whether you are altering your home office or searching for the perfect gift for a significant anniversary, the Lily desk suits your needs with flexibility and elegance.

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